Monday, 6 January 2014

Urban Decay Shadow: Cash

Some time back I started a series where I reviewed every MAC single shadow I owned. It took me a while to get through but I enjoyed the process. This time I'm doing all my single Urban Decay shadows! But this time I already have all the photos ready.
Just one thing to bear in mind, I've been collecting Urban Decay since the late 90s so there's bound to be some long time discontinued shadows featured.
Urban Decay shadows are currently £14.00.

 photo 060114UDCash1.jpg

Urban Decay shadows don't come in pans, but I have depotted a batch of 15 to fit into a palette. I'm not really a fan of doing that now.

Crash is one of those discontinued shades I mentioned. It's a pale green shimmer with tiny flecks of violet-blue sparkle. The texture isn't bad, it's not quite as smooth as some other Urban Decay shadows I have but it's better than a lot of MAC eye shadows I've had!

 photo 060114UDCash2.jpg

This definitely need a primer. It just doesn't want to stick that well on bare skin. Even over a primer it doesn't have a huge amount of pigmentation without applying a couple of layers. It's a rather nice shade that I don't seem to have many others of so I do try and make it work!

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  1. Excited about this series! I'm looking forward to seeing some of the older shades again. :-)


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