Sunday, 8 December 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo "Barely Beige"

I've got a good collection of Maybelline's Color Tattoos going now, with a mix of shades from the UK and from the US! Here's one that I don't think has appeared in the UK yet.

 photo 081213MaybBB1.jpg

The packaging in the US is slightly different, with plain black labels on the lids. The glass jar is the same though! Maybelline Color Tattoos are £4.99 in the UK and $6.99 in the US.

 photo 081213MaybBB2.jpg

Barely Beige is a metallic light cream. I'd expect beige to have more of a brown tint than this does. It leans towards cool with a shimmer that has some pale silvery tones.

 photo 081213MaybBB3.jpg

It's smooth to apply but has a slightly drier texture than some of my other Color Tattoos. It's still nicely pigmented, but blends out quite sheer due to its light colour. It sets and lasts all day on me as with other Color Tattoos.

I like this one as a single colour eye look for when I'm applying in a rush. I pair it with some olive eye liner and plenty of mascara for a very, very quick and easy look.


  1. Looks lovely! Is it comparable to Benefit's Birthday Suit?

    1. I'm not sure, I don't have that right now.

  2. I love this formula, it's so easy to work with and the range of shades is amazing! :o). Xx

    1. I love these and the colour range is great :)

  3. This was from the Fal 2012 NYFW collection, and was limited edition. (Along with Mossy Green, Rich Mahogany, and one other - Gold Shimmer, I think.) I don't know if the UK got these colors or not.

    The true-metallic Color Tatto that's part of the permanent line (at least in the US) is called Barely Branded. It doesn't have the rose-ish undertones, and its application is a bit patchier than Barely Beige.


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