Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review: MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

 photo 031113MUAShimm1.jpg

I've had my hands on this for a little while. MUA's newest star product seems to be regularly sold out at my nearest Superdrug. Probably because you're getting a pretty awesome highlighter for £3. I was lucky enough to find one on the shelf a while ago so I made sure to give it a good home!

 photo 031113MUAShimm2.jpg

This is all fancy with a swirly pattern! In the pan this is a pale creamy pink. It's very pretty!

 photo 031113MUAShimm3.jpg

Highlighters are so hard to swatch! When applied this is a shimmering pale pink. It has an almost metallic finish which is interesting. You do need to only apply a very small amount and blend well as I've found a heavy application looks frosty, rather than glowy.

It does last well on me, but it does begin to fade around the 8 hour mark. Well worth picking up if you see it on a stand!


  1. This seem like another great budget buy from MUA, they have really stepped up their game lately :o). Xx

  2. Been looking for a good highlighter so I might go and pick this one up! Looks lovely.

    - xoxo

  3. This is a great quality highlighter for the price, I've been using this a lot lately.

    Paula Piranha |

  4. Thanks... I had no idea that MUA did a highlighter! Will be checking this out! :D

  5. The 8 hour mark is okay with me. I will def check on this one.


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