Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review: Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Eye Liner Trio "Green Eyes"

It's time for another review that I should have done ages ago! Yet another Atlanta purchase this time, I've still got a few to work through before I go later this year!

I didn't end up buying much from Physicians Formula in 2011, it's a bit more expensive than the other brands in the drugstores and I hadn't really researched many reviews. I did spot this eye liner trio for around $12 though, I think it was from Ulta. These are supposed to be the best shades for green eyes, several sets were available for different eye colours.

Even though I have green eyes anyway, I was attracted to this set with the bright purple and green! They don't have much shimmer, the black has a touch of green sparkle to it.

They come in twist up pencils, with a sharpener concealed at the end. The liner can twist back down again, which I love. It can get a little annoying when they don't do that!

The pigmentation on the green and black was pretty good, but the purple was a bit more disappointing. It applied a little patchy and sheer. The texture of all 3 wasn't the creamiest I've known, it has a touch of waxiness about it. They work best on my to line my lower lash line and when applied they will last all day. The purple can fade a bit more than the green and black though.

I do plan on buying some more bits from Physicians Formula this time round, I've got my eye on some of those shimmer palettes!    


  1. For a drugstore line I love PF for their liner pencils. However, not their kohl pencils since they break easily. Don't forget to buy the Nude pencil set and the smokey ones along with the nude and smokey eyeshadow sets! ;-)

    1. I will add those to my shopping list!

  2. I have green eyes, and have every single item Physicians Formula has made for green eyes, as well as a few for other eye colors, just because I LOVE the shimmer strips shadows. They are pricier for not a huge amount of product, but I've found that the pigmentation and payoff for the shadows is intense enough that you don't need much, so they last longer than you'd imagine. I've yet to hit pan on any color.

    I have to say, in the Hazel Eye Candy set, there's a PERFECT silvery taupe color that whenever I wear it, it makes me think of your videos. :) They work really well with just a primer, but are amazing with pixie epoxy, which I purchased a long, long time ago at your recommendation, and couldn't possibly live without, now.

    Looking forward to more of your reviews (I miss your tutorials and reviews on youtube!) and I definitely recommend checking out more Physicians Formula when you go to Atlanta. (But not necessarily the colored mascaras. I have the green one, and it seems more clumpy/sticky than it's worth, most of the time.)

    1. Thanks :)

      I'll make sure to have a look at that set when I'm over :)


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