Sunday, 6 January 2013

Haul: Just A Couple Of Bits

It's Sunday evening and time to squeeze out a third blog post of the day because it's time for my blogging date with Liloo!!

I just have a smallish (but very expensive) haul to show you tonight!

I finally got matched for Bare Minerals foundation and loved the way it felt so I bought a starter kit with some Christmas vouchers I hadn't spent yet.

There's an absolute load of stuff in this kit! You get to pick your own shade of foundation, which then slots into the front of the kit. You also get 3 brushes, their bronzer, a mineral veil and a primer. I've had a few of the eye and lip products from Bare Minerals but I hadn't tried any of the face stuff. Of course, I'll report back and review when I've used them for a while.

My final item...



  1. Yay!!

    I don't love BE foundation - and yes, it's expensive - but I love their AOFCs and eyeshadows. (Though with the eyeshadows, it helps to know which are fairly pigmented and which are rather sheer.) And, of course, I'm an utter fiend for the Buxom lip polishes!

    Which shade did they match you with?

    1. I got matched with Fair. The next one was obviously yellow on me. If I like it then I'll probably buy a couple of pots while I'm over!

    2. Occasionally BE has their "jumbo item" sales - if we don't find anything while you're here, I can keep an eye on QVC.

  2. I love the Buxom lip polishes too.

    Woohoo!! See you in Atlanta this year :) (BTW, it's 16C here right now...)

    1. Wooohoo!! We'll definitely have to meet up again :) I'll post a place and date when we get a bit closer to going. Sooooo much to sort out for the trip!


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