Tuesday, 31 January 2012

FOTD #29: 31/01/12

This didn't quite end up as I expected. I got so distracted by the bright green on the lid that I couldn't figure out what else to add.

I used:
-Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Fair"
-Sassy Minerals Foundation "Cool Light"
-Benefit Coralista

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Virus Insanity Eye Shadow "Rave" - on lid
-L'Oreal Color Infallible "Sahara Treasure" - in crease
*-ELF Studio Shadow "Sand Dollar" - highlight
-MAC Fluidline "Shade" - top liner
-MAC Eye Kohl "Minted" - lower liner
-Benefite They're Real Mascara

*-Silk Naturals Lip Glaze "Heirloom"

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Nails: Online Nail Bar Plates

I received a nail stamping plate this week and I've been having a play. Nail stamping is something I'm loving but just don't get to do often enough.

These image plates for stamping are available in sets of 10 for £10 from Onlinenailbar. They come with a plastic overlay which needs peeling off before use. The plastic actually makes it easier to take the photo of the plate and it's that which has the scratches you can see. The plate underneath is nice and smooth. The edges are a little sharp so be careful. This is plate M16. The plate came wrapped in some nice paper and in a little organza bag so there's some care taken with the packaging. The site owner says that they try and get as many packages wrapped up as they can.

For this I used Konad's special polish in Black Pearl and used the butterfly design from the centre of my plate. The plates are good quality with nicely defined designs. The transferred design is sharp and clear. The base colour is Model's Own Grace Green.

There are a couple of plates that I've got my eyes on with some really interesting designs. M1 has some cure birds and a spider, look at the shark on M27!!! So I might need to pick up both sets.

This plate was received free for review, this has no effect on the review I give.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

FOTD #28: 29/01/12

Just having a play with make up on a Sunday afternoon! I love settling down to get some blog posts done at this time of the week. I listen to podcasts and I've got twitter open and I'm chatting while writing blog posts for the week.

I used:
-Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
-Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation "51"
*-ELF Studio HD Powder
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Light"
-Benefit Coralista

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Silk Naturals Shadow "Magpie" - on lid
-Aromaleigh Shadow "Bellatrix" - in crease and lower lash line
*-ELF Studio Single Shadow "Sand Dollar" - highlight
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liner "Bringe" - lower liner
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner "Siren" - top liner
-Benefit They're Real Mascara

-Benefit Lipstick "Sugar Cookie"

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

Review: Lorac Close Up Face Tutorial

Now is the time to review one of my favourite purchases from Atlanta! I knew I wanted to try some Lorac but I had absolutely no idea what to look at. I'd looked at so much make up during that week that I had reached some kind of saturation point where nothing new was grabbing me. During the very last day (we were literally on the way to the airport to go home and worked out we could fit in a couple of hours shopping before our flights) we stopped at a much better Ulta and I finally grabbed this off the shelves. I must have looked quite pathetic at that point, I was just wondering aimlessly around Ulta grabbing a few random things off the shelves in a kind of "omg, last day to buy this stuff" kind of haze. Four days of a convention will do that to your brain.

I eventually settled on Lorac's Close Up: Face Tutorial kit. This cost $39 and has a value of $120. I really loved these kits I kept finding at Ulta and Sephora. They're a really good value way of trying out the brand. I also bought a Bare Minerals kit which I'll be reviewing at some point. I've still got so, so much of that haul to review for you.

In this kit you get:
-Instruction booklet
-Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara in "Black"
-Front Of The Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner "Black"
-Couture Shine Gloss "Trend Setter"
-Blush "Soul"
-Starry Eyed Baked Shadow Trio "LoracStar"

The looks are definitely on the more "smokey neutral" side.

I had a quick look through the instruction booklet and liked the easy to follow instructions. The two tutorial pages do peel off so you can stick them to your mirror. Assuming you use a larger mirror that is! Otherwise, the booklet is designed to stand up as a flip chart kind of thing. There are also some good tips at the back of the booklet.

The liquid liner did not survive the trip home. The pressure changes in the plane forced all the product out through the brush. Liquid liners that have a brush dipped into a well survived better but the pen style just exploded black liner. Nice.

The mascara is quite nice but not something I'm planning on buying again. I'll be reviewing it in more depth as a separate blog post as part of my mascara series.

Now, one of the two stars products of this kit! The Baked Trio in LoracStar has fast become one of my favourite eye products. The colours are so smooth and richly pigmented. Even without using them with a damp brush (like you tend to have to with MAC's baked shadows), you get rich, metallic awesomeness. The three shades together can create anything from a fairly toned down look (as toned down as you can get with that much metallic!) to a rich, smokey look. They're definitely metallic rather than frosted though. I use the deepest chocolate shade quite often as a crease shade if I'm stuck for one to use when I'm in a taupe mood! I'm definitely planning on buying a few more of these, just as soon as I can track some down.

The Blush in Soul is the other star product for me. If you look back in recent FOTD posts, you'll see just how much use this has been getting. It's a dusky rosy-brown-nude shade that seems to work perfectly with my skin tone. There's a very slight amount of shimmer to it, definitely more of a glow than outright shimmer though. It's pigmented enough and lasts through the day on me.

The Couture Shine Gloss in Trend Setter is not a favourite of mine. The colour is a pinkish nude that should work quite nicely on me but it's just so frosted. It just doesn't flatter me at all. It's also way more pigmented than any gloss I've ever used which should be a good thing. But combined with all that frost, it just does not work.

Overall, this has been a good introduction to Lorac for me. I've found a couple of products that I'll look into trying more of and a couple that I'm not so impressed with. If I find myself back in the US then I'll definitely be stopping at a Lorac counter.

And here's the FOTD that uses most of this kit (minus the liner and gloss).

Friday, 27 January 2012

Blog Of The Week 27/01/12: Cosmetic Candy

This week's Blog Of The Week is Cosmetic Candy!

I've had this fantastic blog tucked away in my favourites folder for a couple of years now. For some reason though, no matter how much I plead with the Google following thingy it won't add Cosmetic Candy :(

She features a lot of brands and products that I wouldn't normally have come across, making me want to spend all my money and trawl ebay for awesome stuff. But if something is just bad, she'll let you know. She's also one of my favourite bloggers to follow on Twitter.

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

FOTD #27: 26/01/12

I really loved today's FOTD! I didn't want to wash it off. I originally planned on wearing some blues but found these purples while digging through some samples.

I used:
-Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
-Laura Geller Balance & Brighten "Fair"
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Fair"
-MAC Beauty Powder Blush "True Romantic"

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Silk Naturals Shadow "Jump" - over lid
*-Black Rose Minerals Shadow "Phatom" - in crease & lower lashline
-Maybelline Gel Liner "Black"
*-ELF Studio Shadow Single "Sand Dollar"
-Benefit They're Real Mascara

*-ELF Mineral Lipstick "Rosy Raisin"

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nails: Zoya "Faye"

I fancied something a little sparkly and colourful, rather than the murky nails I've been wearing lately. I'm also trying out a new photo technique and using my daylight desk light rather than the flash on my camera. It does show the colour of the polish nicely but highlights just how dry my cuticle and nail area is!

This is 3 layers of Faye and there's still a little nail showing through. I do have very white nail edges though and they tend to show through more than a lot of people's.

Right, I'm off to apply some more cuticle oil!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Review: Stila Adventurous In Aspen Palette

I've got plenty of mixed feelings about these palettes from Stila. On the one hand, they're $10 which is a bargain. On the other hand, the quality is just not what I'd expect from Stila. I think if this had been my first introduction to the brand I would have written it off and not bothered with it again.

They come in the usual card cases along with a mirror but not applicators. The names of the products are shown on the back. The case is the same card that a lot of brands are using these days. It'll stand up to plenty of use but make sure not to get it wet!

And I forgot to label the photo. You get 4.3g of eye shadow over 4 shadows and 2.7g of the convertible colour. I'm not a massive fan of mixing cream and powder products in one palette and there are already black flecks in my convertible colour after only a couple of uses. But for travel, it's about the perfect size and you've got shadows and blush in one place.

The quality of the eye shadow is ok, not brilliant and certainly not the silky, buttery texture I love in the single shadows. You get:

-Snow Angel - sheer lilac-grey with golden sparkle
-Glisten - golden brown with a golden shimmer
-Icicles - satin finish deep blue with grey tones
-Ajax - almost matte black with golden sparkle
-Rosy Convertible Colour - bright but light pink, cool toned with no shimmer

I'm really impressed with the Rosy Convertible Colour. This was the first time I'd used one and I loved how easily it applied and blended as a blush. It didn't last all day though and had faded at around the 6 hour mark. I should imagine setting with powder would increase the staying power.

The shadows weren't amazing. Snow Angel was very sheer and refused to build, even over Pixie Epoxy. I really wanted to use it as a lid shade but I just couldn't get it to work for me. It's quite smooth and soft though. Glisten was by far the best shadow out of the 4 and applied with plenty of pigmentation. Icicle ended up being quite patchy and sheered out to grey very quickly. My swatch shows it packed over a primer. Ajax was another shade that was quite good but not amazing. The golden sparkles didn't translate to the skin at all but the base colour was deep enough to use to smoke out your eye shadow.

Monday, 23 January 2012

FOTD #26: 23/01/12

Review coming soon on the L'Oreal shadows, they're awesome!

I used:
-Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
-Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation "51"
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Fair"
*-ELF Studio Pressed Powder "Porcelain"
-Lorac Blush "Soul"

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-L'Oreal Infallible Shadow "Permanent Kaki" - over lid
-MUA Pearl Shadow "Shade 3" - in crease
*-ELF Studio Single Shadow "Sand Dollar" - highlight
-MAC Fluidline "Shade" - top liner
-Gosh Liner "Golden Moss" - lower liner
-Benefit They're Real Mascara

*-Silk Naturals Lip Glaze "Heirloom"

And I'm planning on inflicting my 5am face on you as much as possible. Earrings of the day: Cupcakes from Accessorize.

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

MAC Shadow: Charred

I'm not sure which MAC collection this shadow featured in, who can keep up with MAC's releases anyway?

Charred is a very deep charcoal (it's not quite black) with a slight sheen and heavy silvery sparkle overlay. It's listed on the back as a Frost finish but it's definitely more like the Lustre finish. It's harder than most of the other Frosts I have from MAC and needs some coaxing to be shown at its best.

A primer is most definitely needed with Charred. The base colour is so sheer on its own that it just blends away to nothing. It needs the base to stick. Also the silver sparkle just floats away and falls over your face if it's not stuck to a primer. With a decent primer (something nicely sticky like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils or Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy) you get a quite interesting deep sparkly charcoal to use to create a smokey eye. I still find that you can't blend the shadow too much even with a primer or the silver sparkle works itself loose and you get it dropping off your lid.

MAC Shadows are available from MAC (website/stores/counters):
-Pro pans are £10.00
-Pots are £12.00

Sunday, 22 January 2012

FOTD #25: 22/01/12

I'm recording some videos tonight so I thought I'd have some fun with my make up today! There's not much more fun than some Sugarpill!

I used:
-Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Fair"
-Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation "51"
-Lorac Blush "Soul"

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Sugarpill ChromaLust "Hysteric" - over lid
-Look Beauty Statement Eyes "Slate" - in crease
-Vivo Cosmetics Liner "Green Lagoon" - lower liner
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner "Siren" - top liner
*-ELF Studio Single Shadow "Sand Dollar" - highlight
-Lorac Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara

*-Silk Naturals Lip Glaze "Heirloom"

The earrings are from Turkey. Silver & Turquoise, one of my favourite purchases from the holiday!

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

Review: Fashionista Gel Liner "Style"

I hadn't encountered the Fashionista brand until I found them at Superdrug in Meadowhall. The magnetic nail polishes have been mentioned a few times on blogs, but not much about the rest of the line.

I think these are around £7.00, they're not showing on the Superdrug website. They're sold in some Superdrug shops, it seems to be the larger ones. There is a good range of colours available, not just your usual black and deep tones.

I am not a fan of the packaging though! The snap-on brush is pretty useful, especially for those who are new to gel liners. For me though, it just makes the lid a little awkward. I'm also not a fan of the narrow and deep pot. While the product is full then it's not too much of an issue but as the product gets used up then it might be a little awkward to get to the bottom. I found the brush a little too soft to use to create a good line.

This was the best picture I could get of it! Style has a black base with plenty of blue and green sparkle. It's gorgeous and I haven't got anything else like it! However, it does need a couple of layers and it does take a while to set.

Just one more thing, the packaging is plastic so I'm expecting this to dry out faster than my gel liners housed in glass jars especially since I can't store this upside down.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

An American Haul!

I picked up a mysterious box from my local sorting office last weekend to discover that Sparklecrack Central had sent over some goodies! This is stuff from not long after Dragon Con, so not breaking my no-buy!

We'd failed to find any Kat Von D palettes while we were in Atlanta so I had asked her to do a custom purchase for me from the Sephora website. Unfortunately, one of the shadows had exploded during transit so I don't have all the pretty packaging. I will be reviewing and swatching soon!

-True Love
-Metal Orchestra

They're some seriously gorgeous palettes! I wish they were easier to get hold of as I'd definitely like more.

Wet n Wild Baked Palettes!! I wanted these as soon as they began appearing on blogs. They pretty much survived the trip over but a few of the shadows have cracks in them so I'm going to have to be very careful. I've got the eye liners as well to go with the palettes but I forgot to add them to the picture.

-Bake Off Contest - blues
-Baking A Cake - pinks/purples
-Baked, Not Fried - browns

Review: Vivo Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner

So, continuing with my exploration of the Vivo Cosmetics line today! I've got another pretty awesome product for you today - Liquid Eyeliners. They're around the £1.50-£2.00 mark (I did have a price list but can't find it now) from selected Tesco shops.

I have Slate Grey and Brown. There are a few more colours in the range, but nothing too daring. The usual black, plum and black glitter. I did ask Vivo over Twitter if we were getting some new shades and it looks like the range might be expanded for 2012. I can't wait to see what else is getting released!

The packaging is fairly similar to many drugstore/high street brands. The liquid liner is in a clear plastic bottle with a long handle and brush screwed into the top. The clear plastic allows you to see the colour. The plastic isn't too thin or brittle so I'd be happy throwing this into a travel make up bag.

The brush is pretty awesome. It's thin with a decent amount of firmness so it's very easy to control during application. It's very similar to the old version Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liners and just a little thicker than their new ones.

Both shades I have are metallic, as is the plum which I don't own. They're also nicely pigmented for such a budget brand as well. I only need to apply a layer or two to get a good line. They are very wet though and take a while to dry. Before I realised the longer dry time on these, I managed to accidentally smudge them.

These aren't even slightly waterproof. I don't have to put any effort in removing them at the end of the day. Fortunately, my eyes aren't that watery but if your eyes are you might want to give them a miss. On me they last through the whole day.

I've used these in a few FOTDs:
-12/01/12 - Brown
-31/12/11 - Brown
-21/12/11 - Slate Grey

Friday, 20 January 2012

Blog Of The Week 20/01/12: Swatch Storm

This week's Blog Of The Week is Swatch Storm!

Cait's blog has been on the go since July 2010 and I can't believe I've only just found her blog! She writes a great blog about indie and the more commercial brand but it was definitely her swatches and product photography that got me interested! Well, she did call her blog Swatch Storm after all! She reviews both high and low end brands with the same attitude which I love. I get fed up of some bloggers who seem to think low cost=bad. Definitely not this blogger though!

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

FOTD #24: 17/01/12

I really need to wear more colour. I seem to be on a neutral-ish kick at the moment.

I used
-Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
-Laura Geller Balance & Brighten Foundation "Fair"
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Fair"
-Lorac Blush "Soul"

-Body Shop Lipstick that has no label/product type

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Vivo Cosmetics Pearl Shadow "Pale Gold" - over lid
*-Coastal Scents Hot Pot "ME22" - in crease
-Lorac Baked Trio "LoracStar" (deepest shade) - outer crease
*-ELF Studio Shadow Single "Sand Dollar" - highlight
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner "Siren" - top liner
*-Coastal Scents Hot Pot "S04" - lower lash line
-Benefit They're Real Mascara

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

Review: NYX HD Grinding Blush "Menage a Trois"

NYX is basically a budget brand so it hurts to pay $16.50 for just one blusher! Of course, we're ripped off in the UK and these cost £14.00 (converting roughly to $21). Considering that the regular powder blush is $6.00. Well, ouch. Fortunately this was bought during a sale and sent over by Sparklecrack Central. I didn't actually look at much NYX in Atlanta, despite planning to.

Packaging is quite sleek and expensive looking. It wants to be with the price that this costs! There's a mirror filling the top of the lid which I've already had to reglue. It fell out.

All I can see when I open this is "gimmick, gimmick, gimmick". Apparently the grinding prevents contamination of the rest of the blush. It's smooth to grind and plenty of powder is released. However, you really do have to make sure that you only free up enough to use immediately. The loose powder ends up all over the threads of the packaging and it gets messy quite quickly.

It's a really pretty slightly pinked peach with golden glow and a tiny touch of shimmer. It's decently pigmented but it doesn't seem possible to over-do the application on this blush. It blends into the skin very easily and looks like a natural flush of colour. It was also a pain to photograph the swatch photo! It lasted quite well, but not a complete day on me. Maybe 6 hours and I don't tend to have issues with blush fading too much on me.

I'm not planning on trying any more of these blushes. I'm not 100% disappointed with it by any means, I use this quite regularly and like the colour. I just feel like I'm wasting so much of the product with the grinding and at that price, I want to get as much use as possible.

Here are some FOTD posts featuring the blush:

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review: Vivo Cosmetics Pearl Eyeshadow "Mink"

I've tried quite a few things from Vivo Cosmetics now and I'm impressed at the high quality and low price. The pressed eye shadows aren't my favourite products from the line but there are a few worth looking at!

Vivo Cosmetics Eye Shadows are available in two finishes - pearl and matte. They're £1.50 each from selected Tesco shops and you get 3.8g.

The packaging is pretty sleek. The plastic isn't too flimsy but I'm not sure how it would stand up to heavy travelling. It's quite thin as well with no space wasted for a foam applicator. The word "VIVO" is stamped into the surface. The stamped letters do stand up to a few uses before vanishing. Ingredients are listed on the back.

The texture reminds me a lot of the MUA shadows I reviewed a while ago. Not surprising really, as these Vivo Pearl shadows also contain mineral oil. It gives them that slippery, almost cream shadow texture. These do feel less oily than the MUA shadows so last longer before creasing.

Mink is a slightly plum toned silvery brown. I'm not sure I can call it quite taupe as it leans so brown toned. It has a good level of pigmentation and shows up well enough without primer. It does crease in only a few hours if I wear this without primer but those with drier lids might get on a bit better! With primer the silvery tones show more and I get much more wear before any fading or creasing.

Monday, 16 January 2012

FOTD #23: 16/01/12

Playing with one of those bargain $10 Stila palettes today. Not a fan of the quality of the eye shadow but I'm loving the convertible colour!

I used:
-Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
*-Freak Laboratory Foundation "N16"
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Light"
-Stila Convertible Colour "Rose"

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Stila Shadow "Glisten" - on lid
-Stila Shadow "Ajax" - outer lid
-L'Oreal HiP Cream Liner "Brown"
*-ELF Studio Shadow "Sand Dollar" - highlight

All Stila products are from the Adventurous in Aspen palette.

My face at 5:30am is not a pretty sight.

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

Review: Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss "Mysterious"

My local Superdrugs don't stock Accessorize cosmetics and my nearest Accessorize shop only stocks a few make up items and plenty of the nail polishes. But when I visited Meadowhall at the end of last year with Cosmetichameleon, we were pretty excited when we found an Accessorize stand in the Superdrug there!

Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lipglosses are around £4.00 and come in quite a good range of shades. The packaging of the whole brand is quite pretty, with butterflies being a design feature. I like a cohesive brand image (think MAC's sleek black packaging) and Accessorize certainly have a definite look to their packaging. You get 3g of product in these tubes.

Initially I thought I had found a MAC Dazzleglass dupe. I like the formula and sparkle of those but don't like paying so much for so little product. However, these are way more intense than the MAC! Mysterious is a raspberry pink with heavy gold and pink sparkle. The gloss is so pigmented! I really wasn't expecting that at all from such a budget friendly price. It doesn't feel gritty with all the sparkle. It lasts about the same as any other gloss on me (seriously, how do people get 6 hours out of one application?), maybe an hour. But for me, gloss isn't a long lasting option. The colour wears down and leaves some of the sparkle on my lips. After wearing my lips don't feel particularly dry or moisturised.

I've used these in a couple of FOTDs:
-08/01/12 - Shade Divine
-21/12/11 - Shade Mysterious

I definitely plan on buying some more of these, they're a definite win for me!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mascara Series: Maybelline One by One Volum' Express Mascara

Aah, Maybelline mascaras. I've used them on and off for absolutely ages. I remember buying Define A Lash when it first came out and thinking it was expensive. I'm going to have to buy a tube soon and seeing if I still love it.

Anyway, they came out with a new mascara last year (and probably one or two since then, I move slowly) and I immediately got requests for it. It seemed to be everything I love in a mascara (deep black, spiky wand, under £10). This is available from the usual Maybelline stockists. I can buy it in Boots, Superdrug and Tesco. My local Asda doesn't stock make up but there are Maybelline stands in some. This costs around £8.49 and seems to be available in Black and Waterproof Black only.

Nice, distinctive tube. Also, packaging win from Maybelline. It comes blister packed like US drugstore mascaras. Awesome. Not only is it protected from being used in shops (seriously, I've seen people use the stuff on the shelves to apply mascara), but it makes life so much easier for Beauty Bloggers. Look:

A nice, clean, unused wand for photographing!! The wand is the winner here. It's all spiky and lash grabby.

So here are my naked lashes.

And here they are with curled lashes and a good application of mascara. I love it, I really do. It doesn't hold a curl too well for me. I can actually watch my lashes droop slightly. But I don't have really straight lashes anyway so half the time I haven't bothered curling them anyway. If you prefer more of a curl or have particularly curl-resistant lashes then I suggest trying the waterproof version, they tend to set a little harder so it should hold the curl better. I didn't get masses of volume (sorry, Volum') but enough to give the appearance of thicker lashes. I did, however, have a lot of extra length with this one and the brush grabs the smaller hairs that are often overlooked giving the appearance of more lashes. The brush really does grab on to each hair, they were defined after application without having to comb.

Even better, it doesn't have the unholy stink of Lash Stiletto.

A word of warning. While the brush really does an excellent job of keeping your lashes separated, it is spiky and will hurt if you catch your waterline with it. Not that I know from personal experience or anything.

I plan on rebuying. I like this, which is nice after so many Maybelline mascara disappointments over the last couple of years.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

FOTD #22: 12/01/12

I'm a little late posting this one, but better late than never! I've changed the comments layout as well to allow for the nested replies that Blogger has finally added. It's not working for every layout/browser combination but it's a much needed change!

I used:
-Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
-Laura Geller Balance & Brighten "Fair"
-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer "Fair"
-Lorac Blush "Soul"

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Fyrinne Pixie Epoxy
-Love Hues Shadow "Chestnut Mulberry" - on lid
-Lorac Baked Trio "LoracStar" - deep brown shade - in crease
*-ELF Studio Shadow "Sand Dollar" - highlight
-Vivo Cosmetics Liquid Liner "Brown" - top liner
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liner "Stash" - lower liner
-Benefit They're Real! Mascara

-Gosh Lipgloss "58"

Products marked with a star (*) were received free for review.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Blog Of The Week 13/01/12: Pleasureflush

This week's Blog of the Week is Pleasureflush!

I'm always surprised that Anitacska doesn't have more followers! Her blog is written to a very high standard and her photographs are clear and accurate. She posts about some gorgeous high end products that I'd love to get my hands on but she also gives love to the highstreet brands. She posts a good amount of FOTD and NOTD posts, somehow capturing lovely shimmer and duochromes that I just utterly fail to show properly!

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