Monday, 31 December 2012

My 12 Favourites of 2012!

I've had the opportunity to try so many new products this year! I found some absolute gems (and some not so good!) that deserve to be in my top 12 list! I've made sure not to include anything from my 2011 post, which was definitely a challenge as a couple of those products were frequently used this year!


1 - Boots No7 Stay Perfect Foundation "Cool Vanilla" - I was surprised at just how much I did like this foundation! It's a great colour match and the formula feels great on my skin, it keeps me fairly shine free and it lasts all day with a bit of setting powder.

2 - Revlon Lip Butters - I now own 3 (or 4?) of these. I wasn't sure they were going to live up to the hype, but I absolutely love these! They add just enough colour for me to be happy and they keep my lips feeling soft.

3 - Lorac Blush "Soul" - I'm surprised this didn't end up on 2011's list, but I don't think I had used it much by then. This is steadily building a dip, I just love this shade so much! It's a shade that works well with so many different looks and gives me a lovely flush.

4 - Maybelline Color Tattoos - The proof that Maybelline have really stepped up the quality of their products. Their gel liners were firmly in 2011's list. These are definitely worth a look, they're creamy but pigmented and set solid on the lids.

5 - L'Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara - The final mascara that I bought home from Atlanta. I'm planning on buying another tube of this when I go back over. This is nicely volumising with a nice, deep colour and plenty of separation.

6 - Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liners - I was a fan of their original liquid liners but they dried out far too quickly. The packaging on these is so much better so they should last longer. I love the thin brush, it's just right for me to create a line with some neatness! It helps that they have awesome colours available!

7 - Stila Lip Glaze - I am definitely late to this party! I love the colours, the texture! They're not too sticky but they last well enough on the lips. The twisty, clicky pen isn't my favourite type of lip gloss packaging but these work well enough. I am planning on adding to my collection before too much longer!

8 - Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover - ok, so it takes a little longer than 1 second and it's not quite up to taking off glitter polish, but this is the best remover for lazy people ever! I can just dip and twist my fingers and the polish is off (unless it's glitter, of course!). I keep a pot on my desk so I can remove my polish while watching YouTube videos.

9 - Wet n Wild ColorIcon Baked Palette "Bake Off Contest" - a surprise entry for me, I wasn't expecting to get so much use out of it! I have a lot of eye shadow so something must be special for me to keep going back to it! The silvery-taupe and rich jewel blue are two particular favourite shades. Apply this over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy and it really shines!

10 - Max Factor Polish "Fantasy Fire" - how could I do a favourites in 2012 and *not* include this polish? The blogging world reacted in a way I've not seen since to this. Good thing it was as gorgeous as the hype led you to believe.

11 - MAC Mineralize Skin Finish "Star Wonder" - the only new MAC product that impressed me enough to get on this list. I didn't buy a huge amount of MAC this year, nothing's really grabbing me the way it used to. However, this is rather pretty and the deep berry tone to it works nicely as a blush.

12 - Too Faced Eye Love Palette - the quality of the shadows in this palette is beyond that of many other expensive brands I have in my collection. There was only one matte shade that didn't work quite so well for me, the shimmers are buttery and so pigmented. I've worn this a few times and I love the way these look on my lids.

So those were my favourites! What did you love in 2012? I'm heading back to Atlanta in August, so I'm sure my 2013 favourites are going to be interesting! 


  1. What a great round up! I have tried and repurchased several times, the L'Oreal mascara which I rate highly and the lip butters which I have become rather fond of (late to the party though)...I must write up my faves of 2012!!! Love the Atlanta countdown btw! Happy New Year xxx

    1. Thanks! I wanted to pick some products that weren't quite so obvious.

      Happy New Year & thanks for all your support xxx

  2. Interesting picks! I have the Too Faced palette and honestly haven't touched it, I think it is time I do!


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