Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Beauty Blog Advent Calendar 2012: 19/12/12

Last year, Sparklecrack Central came up with the idea of a Beauty Blog Advent Calendar where we featured little bits of beauty blogging things we love. This year, she gave us a bit more notice and we are joined by The Unknown Beauty Blog!

Beauty Blog Advent Calendar - Day 19

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite beauty blogs to read. You can check out Sparklecrack and The Unknown Beauty Blog at the links above, they're both well worth a read!

-Pleasureflush - One of my favourite fellow UK based bloggers! She posts some beautiful make up items, some of which I buy, some of which I can just admire! I find myself agreeing with her reviews more often than not, so I know if she raves about something then it's worth having a look.

-Le Petit Jardin De Liloo - Not only are her nail posts awesome, but she's one of the most prolific tweeters that I know! She's an absolute enabler, but I am pleased to say that it works both ways. She brought the awesome L'Oreal nail polishes to my attention, along with the trick to use a nude base polish under sheer colours. She's a pretty lovely person as well :)

-Painted - She doesn't update nearly enough for me! She uses a lot of indie cosmetics and I absolutely adore her EOTD posts. They always look amazing.

-Beauty Best Friend Forever - She's been on the go for most of a year now and she's gone from strength to strength. I remember when she first asked me to look at her brand new blog, I thought it was great! She's another who loves indie cosmetics so I always like to see what she's been buying.

What are your favourite blogs to read?


  1. Oh my! Thank you so much for the mention and your kind words! So glad you've been enjoying my posts. Same goes to your blog, it's definitely one of my favourites. And I love Liloo too! xxx

  2. Thank you for the mention too Becky!!! I wish you a very happy Christmas and thank you for all the hard work you put into your amazing and inspirational blogs, always a joy to read... xxx


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