Friday, 7 December 2012

Beauty Blog Advent Calendar 2012: 07/12/12

Last year, Sparklecrack Central came up with the idea of a Beauty Blog Advent Calendar where we featured little bits of beauty blogging things we love. This year, she gave us a bit more notice and we are joined by The Unknown Beauty Blog!

Beauty Blog Advent Calendar - Day 7

Today I'm going to show you the three eye brushes I use pretty much every time I apply any make up. They've all worked hard to earn a place in my "every day" pile.

-Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush - This comes in a set of 5 eye brushes, sold at Boots in the UK for £21.99, I bought mine in the US from Ulta for $17.99. This ridiculous difference in price is the reason why I haven't reviewed them yet, I love the brushes I just can't get behind the price. Anyway, this crease brush is the best out of the set. I use mine for blending in my under eye concealer than as a crease brush.

-MAC 226 - This is a limited edition brush that MAC puts out every now and again so I'm not sure on the current price. I missed out on this the first time round but Sparklecrack presented one to me when I got to Atlanta last year! I should have bought 5 of them. It's just the right size for crease application and blending. I love this brush!

-Sigma E55 - This brush is available from Sigma Brushes for the grand total of $10. It's their version of the MAC 239 brush and I definitely prefer this one for applying shadow to my lid. It's a bit wider and much thicker than the MAC version and does a much better job of getting shadow on to my lids. This one was sent to me in a set to review but since then I've ordered several times from Sigma myself.


  1. I told you to buy backups... :)

    And am I correct in guessing that you'll be getting some more of the RealTechniques brushes at Ulta this coming August, in Atlanta? (Note to self: hunt for coupons.)

    1. I know, I know!!

      Yes, I'll be buying any I can get in Atlanta!

  2. I do like Real Technique brushes. My favorite is the Base Shadow brush. Sigma looks interesting though.

    1. I quite like the brushes I've had from Sigma, the E55 is my favourite of them!


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