Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Review: Vivo Cosmetics Colour Block Palette "Unprotected"

Considering that I resisted buying Urban Decay's Naked Palette when that first came out, it's a little surprising that I've ended up with yet another dupe!

There are actually two options available from Vivo Cosmetics for this palette, the other has brighter shadows. They cost £3.99 from selected Tesco and the Vivo Cosmetics website. This is a little on the bulky side, but you do get a lot of product (8.4g).

The large pans have quite an interesting raised appearance. There's very little wasted space in this palette, just a little space for applicators at the bottom. There's no mirror in this, which I definitely prefer to a tiny and unusable one.

These shadows are quite smooth and creamy feeling with the mattes having the smooth texture and less of the creaminess. Free, the black on the bottom row is the only one that feels dry compared to the others.

I'm sure that you're waiting for me to say how it compares to the Naked Palette! I'd say it was pretty close, even close enough that on your lids it'll be hard to tell the difference. It's not spot on, but I don't expect them to be!

Flow, the Half Baked dupe, is not quite as pigmented as the original Naked Palette. But other than that, the pigmentation is pretty close. I thought Free was blacker (rather than the charcoal) than in Naked and Awaken is more silver and a little less on the pewter toned side.

The darker shades do have better pigmentation than the lighter shades and the two mattes, while smooth, do need plenty of layering to really show. The pigmentation of Escape was pretty disappointing as well.

I wear these with a primer and have no issues with creasing or fading.  


  1. This looks really good, and such a bargain. Your swatches are fab also, as usual :-)


  2. Vivo is made by the same people as MUA - FB Beauty Ltd- I am now intrigued to know how this Vivo palette compares to the MUA 'Undressed' palette!!!

    1. It is pretty close! The texture of the MUA one is a bit creamier, I'd say I prefer the MUA version :)

  3. A little disappointed with the pay off of flutter and wisp but this is, nevertheless such a handy palette to own! and for goodness's sake, it's £3.99. wow!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. To be honest, I'm not going to get much use out of those two mattes! But for £3.99, you can't go wrong :)


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