Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mascara Series: L'Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara

If I only manage to get one blog post written this week, then it's going to be my blogging date with Liloo!

I've got one of my final mascaras from Atlanta to review for you today! When I go back next year, I'm planning on buying another handful of mascaras to review.

L'Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara was probably bought for around $10.00 from one of the many drugstores we visited over the week! I couldn't find this exact mascara but others in the Telescopic family appear online for about $10.00.


I think the telescope type tube is pretty cute, considering the name of the mascara! I think other Telescopic mascaras have featured the same tube, just in different colours.


The wand is a little different to what I'm used it. It's one of the rubberised wands I prefer but it's so much thinner than a lot of other mascaras. The bristles are really quite short. It turns out this shape is really quite good at grabbing onto the lashes and giving them a really good coating!


Naked lashes!! New one to come soon.


I really liked this mascara! So much that I think I'll be buying another tube of it when I get back to Atlanta (this one doesn't seem to be sold over here that I can find). It makes my lashes look so much thicker and fuller. It doesn't add too much to the length but it gives that effect of more lashes than you actually have. I do find that my lashes are defined and nicely separated with this, I only need to use a lash comb if I've applied a bit too much. Not really any flaking or smearing on me either.


  1. this sounds like a great mascara if it multiplies them. Such a bonus that it doesn't smear or leave you with panda eyes! Even though my lashes are stupidly short, thicker, fuller and generally more of it is what i would prefer anyway to long and spidery - not that long and spidery could be achieved on me but you know what I mean.

    Thank you for the sweet shout out at the beginning. Hope things improve and hope they improve real quick! xxxx

    1. Thanks love xxx

      This is one of the best mascaras I've tried recently, worth getting one if you find one on ebay (couldn't see it on the Boots website).

  2. Sirvinya, just came across your post...I actually did an independent review of a Clinique mascara that I love. I haven't tried the Loreal one yet, but thanks to your review I will give it a go! Thank you!

  3. I love the one like this that you can get in the UK, just bought a new one in fact. I often go for L'Oreal as they are the parent company of Lancome, who make the best high end mascaras IMO. There are definitely close comparisons to be made between the brands.


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