Monday, 29 October 2012

Some Fragrance Reviews

I have received a few new fragrances to review for you but as I'm allergic to alcohol based perfume, I haven't been able to test them out for you. So I roped in a couple of the people I work with!

Sam tried out Cher Lloyd Pink Diamond. This is sold at The Fragrance Shop (and plenty of other outlets, but this popped up first when I Googled it. You can get 30ml of Eau de Toilette for £15, or 50ml for £20.

So, what did Sam think?

I liked the pink diamond bottle! The fragrance reminded me a lot of Britney's perfume, sweet and girly. But it doesn't last very long.

(I think she wears Britney's Fantasy)

I knew I had to give Andy the bottle of Platinum VIP by TOWIE! This is also sold by The Fragrance Shop and costs £18.49 for 100ml of Eau de Toilette.

So, what did Andy think?

I really like this! It's a bit peppery and fresh. But I have to keep putting it on during the night as it fades quite quickly.

Andy has worn this pretty much every day since I gave him the bottle!

These fragrances were provided free for review, I gave them to my peeps at work in exchange for a quick review! 


  1. Becky have you tried the brand called Crow Water Parfum? They are water based fragrances. :)

    1. I haven't, but I shall have a look!


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