Sunday, 29 April 2012

Review:Sedona Lace 15-Ultra Shimmer Palette

I had seen a few blog posts and youtube videos about Sedona Lace but hadn't got round to trying anything myself. I recently had the chance to try out something from them and as soon as I saw the Ultra Shimmer Palette, I knew I had to try that one. Just look at the colours!

All those greens, blues and purples!! Exactly the sort of colours I love. You can get this for $14.95 from the Sedona Lace website.

The palette isn't overly large and comes in a plastic case without a mirror. The case doesn't feel too flimsy and snaps shut securely. There's a Sedona Lace logo printed on the front of the palette but the ingredients are only printed on the back of the box.

Swatches! These are done with a dry brush over primer.

Most of the shades are really pigmented. One or two are sheerer and a little drier in texture. The shades are generally quite creamy and soft but one or two can get a little crumbly if you use too much pressure. I'm a big fan of the golden green on the bottom row and the deep purple at the very left of the middle row.

While the mix of 15 shades is great, I do feel like there could be a few additions to improve the palette. It feels like a couple of options are missing. For example, there's no real highlight shade or deep crease shade. While there is a deep navy, it's one of the sheer shades so it doesn't quite work for me as a crease.

For $4.00 off this palette, you can use the code: sirvinyavid

This palette was provided free for review. This has no effect on the review I give. I receive no compensation if you choose to use the discount code.


  1. I have never heard of this brand, but the palette looks right up your street! I am guessing that this is from the US, so it survived the trip rather well!

  2. I particularly like the two genuine purples in this palette.

  3. That dark purple shade is so pretty!


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