Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: Accessorize Merged Eye Shadow "Cocoa"

I'm liking most of what I'm trying from Accessorize. It's one of my favourite shops for little pieces of jewelry but I wish my local one sold more of the make up! I bought a few pieces while at Meadowhall last year. The Superdrug there has a good range of brands I can't get hold of locally, including Accessorize.

The Merged Eye Shadows are around £4.50 each and there are quite a few shades available. They all have unique, marbled mixes of colours and look quite pretty.I like pretty makeup, which is probably why I've got such a good amount of baked products in my stash!

You can also buy from the Accessorize Makeup Section on the Monsoon site!

Cocoa is a mix of plum-brown, white-silver and blue, with the plum-brown dominating.

Cocoa is one of the more pigmented of the Merged eye shadows that I've tried. On the whole, they tend to be flaky, sheer and disappointing. However, this one feels much smoother and more cohesive. It does need a primer underneath, it can still blend out pretty much completely unless it has something to stick to.

The plum-brown definitely dominates when applied and as the veins are so narrow, it's quite hard to focus on one specific area of colour. The white-silver and blue does cool down the overall colour that's applied. Straight up plums can clash horridly with my skintone but the cool tones added with the other veins means that this is quite flattering on my lids.

I have used this in a very lazy FOTD:


  1. Pretty, I imagine this would be a great crease and liner shade. I've yet to swatch many of the single Accessorize shadows even though the local Superdrug stocks them!

    1. Aah, so jealous that your local one stocks them! I've got to make the trip to Meadowhall.

  2. I like the look of baked eyeshadows but I'm not usually sure of how they will look on my eyes, so I'm a bit dubious unless there are testers about! That does look a really good pigmented colour though, so might pop into Superdrug to have a wee look again (and try not to spend spend spend).

    1. I find the darker baked shadows are better than the lighter ones for some reason. Have fun in Superdrug :)


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