Sunday, 25 March 2012

Haul: Silk Naturals

I actually ordered these a while back from Silk Naturals but they took ages to get into my hands. They got stuck in customs and I had to pay to get them. Grrr.

I can always find goodies to buy from Silk Naturals and I like that you get a free mini jar if you spend over $10. This time the freebie was Cache. No swatches this time round, but I'm sure they'll be featured in FOTD posts very soon!

-Cache - sheer, pale pink with blue iridescence
-Vinyard - muted purple-grey shimmer
-Idolize - silvery lilac with golden tones
-Catalyst - deep, shimmering taupe with brown tones

-Grassroots Green - deep, shimmering green
-Chucklehead - bright turquoise shimmer
-Scream - purple shimmer with blueish highlights
-Paranormal - glowing, rich, deep blue shimmer

I can't wait to dig into those! I'm sure I'll be ordering from Silk Naturals again before much longer, I've got a wish list as long as my arm!


  1. Gah, SN is my favorite! Their Spring collection should be out very, very soon!

  2. Nice haul! Yes, I learnt from the SN forum the fate of the large order, I keep mine low, $23.50 approx without shipping will get them through without extra cost...I love (and have) the top 4 and know that you are going to have a ball with paranormal...but I don't yet have the balls to order it. Grassroots green is on my SN wishlist because I am loving greens at the minute and it looks like a good multi use one, so looking forward to seeing that on an FOTD.


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