Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Review: Sleek MakeUp "Oh So Special" Palette

It must be time for another Sleek MakeUp palette!

I'm not sure if this is a collection, or just a palette release. These are available at selected Superdrugs and the Sleek MakeUp website for a limited time. It costs around £6.49.

Much more toned down than the recent Mediterranean Collection, this palette is full of browns, corals and plums. But once again, Sleek MakeUp have created a solid palette that will allow the creation of several different looks ranging from something for the day time to something a bit smokey and dramatic. This palette is made up of 5 metallic shades and 7 matte shades, including the almost ever-present Noir. It was missing in the last palette, so it's nice to see it back!

If you've seen any of my previous posts then you'll know my opinion on the shadows! The metallic and shimmer shades tend to be very smooth and pigmented, the matte shades tend to be a little harder in texture and have a little less pigmentation. They wear well throughout the day but work best for me with something like Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Here's the top row, swatched with a dry brush over primer.

Bow makes a great highlight colour, even though it almost vanishes on the swatch and Glitz is utterly gorgeous.
Here's the bottom row, swatched with a dry brush over primer.

Noir is back to its usual, richly pigmented self!

This product was provided free for review. This has no effect on the review I give, I probably would have bought it anyway.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Review: 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation

I've got something just a little bit different for you today! On my never ending hunt for foundation that actually matches my skintone, I came across 100% Pure who offer make up coloured by fruit and vegetable pigments. I've got a couple of bits to review but today's is the Healthy Skin Foundation. I also have the Tinted Moisturiser to review soon.
This foundation is available in 5 shades and you get 30ml for £22.00. It also offers an SPF of 20 and contains certified organic ingredients. It's also vegan and cruelty free. Ingredients are listed on the site and on the bottle. It does only have a 6 month shelf life, once opened, as it does not contain any preservatives. There is also an expiry date printed at the base.

I wasn't sure about which colour to go for, but in the end I was sent Creme, which is the palest shade.

The first time I tried this, I pumped out one full pump onto the back of my hand and applied with my Sigma F80 brush. I usually need a pump's worth of liquid foundation. Well, when they say full coverage they mean full coverage!! I was able to completely cover my face with foundation with less than half of what I had pumped onto my hand!

If you'll excuse a re-used photograph! The colour is a very good match, I'm perfectly happy with it. There is a little bit of white flashing back in the photo as the foundation does contain Titanium Dioxide as one of the active ingredients. But in all the types of light I looked in (sunlight, daylight bulb, energy saving light bulbs), the foundation was spot on with the colour.

It did feel a little heavy the first time I applied it but that was simply from applying far too much. After that initial attempt, I work in small amounts and I'm pleased to say that this is a foundation I'm not aware that I'm wearing. I think I've complained enough about the feeling of foundation on my face! It's very easy to smooth over the skin and doesn't take too much in the way of blending either, which is awesome.

I did find that a primer was needed for this. Without primer I started to lose this on my chin at about 4 hours and my forehead at about 6. I am oily in my t-zone so this is a common complaint for me. With something like Benefit's POREfessional or Urban Decay De-Slick, I got a good 8-10 hours wear out of my foundation.

I tend to stay away from full coverage foundation as I've found they can look a little flat. Not so with this foundation! The finish is definitely a satin finish. Not quite into the dewy look but definitely not the flatness I've experienced in the past.

The most interesting effect was how my skin felt after use - it felt moisturised and hydrated. I suspect this is from the main ingredient, the Aloe Juice which is supposed to be quite moisturising.

While this foundation was provided free for review purposes, I can see myself buying this once I've used up the bottle I have.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Indie Shopping: Fyrinnae

Initial Impression: I have been a customer of Fyrinnae for quite a good number of years! Since they were under their previous name of Bombshell Bath & Beauty, so we're going back a little while. They don't call themselves a mineral make up seller as their products are not strictly just minerals. This is why the series has been called Indie Shopping, rather than Mineral Make Up or Etsy Shopping.

The turn around time for Fyrinnae is clearly stated on the front of the website. It's not too bad right now but I feel I should point out that I have never waited the full length of that for my orders. However, their products are some of the best out there and I think the wait is worthwhile. They sell some of the most gorgeous, complex eye shadows out there, Pixie Epoxy is the best thing I have ever bought for my eye shadow and I'm loving the sample of face primer I tried.

The shadows are available in two sizes: regular and mini. The regular size is a packed full 5g jar for $5.90 and the mini is about 1/3tsp in a 3g jar for $2.00 (1/4tsp for the Arcane Magic shadows). Each colour is clearly photographed with a description. Ingredients come on full sized jars, but not on minis. I tend to order minis these days as I get many more colours in my order. If I used up a mini then I'm sure I'd order the full sized jar. Samples are available for pretty much everything. Shipping used to be free on orders over $20, but that has changed to $40.

Order: Minis of: Madame & Eve's, Sacred, Warrior Mage, La Noche, Catrina Caberet, Eternal Innocence, Dinosaur Plushie, Calavera Cupcakes for $2.00 each. Full sized Pixie Epoxy for $7.00, full sized Velvet-Gel Silica Primer for $7.00.
Shipping: To the UK - $3.50. My order shipped faster than stated on the front of the website and arrived around 2 weeks after I placed my order. Smaller orders don't seem to take the full processing time. A shipping notification was emailed.

What did I get? Everything arrived really well packed wrapped in tissue paper, then in a cardboard wrap in a bubble envelope. A printed invoice with a thank you note was included.

I only ordered mini jars, the full sized ones come with an ingredients label. Each jar is labelled on the bottom with the colour name. You get about 1/3tsp in a mini jar so it's more than enough to use. I've used Fyrinnae eye shadows a lot in previous blog posts, if you check out my Fyrinnae Tag! I've managed to accumulate quite a lot of their shadows now, so I'm definitely a fan! I received a free sample of Wicked which I suspect to be mislabelled. I already have a full sized jar and it's a much darker purple. I prefer the much deeper purple version. The website is still showing the deeper version.

I will be reviewing the Pixie Epoxy (though I'm very bad for not doing one yet!) and the Velvet Gel Silica Primer in separate blog posts.

Fyrinnae shadows are so hard to photograph! None of these are showing as much depth and sheer awesomeness that they appear to have in person.

-Calavera Cupcakes - Shiny silver, small amount of pink shimmer.
-Dinosaur Plushie - Insane multi-coloured sparkle with a sliver background. Some black streaks of what looks like base colour.
-Sacred - Smooth, metallic beige.

-Wicked (new) - light purple with green shimmer.
-Arcane Magick Warrior Mage - This is amazing! Silvery green shimmer than morphs to a darker silver with some pink sparkle.
-Arcane Magick Madame & Eve's - Deep blue/green over a dark base.

-Catrina Cabaret - Charcoal base with purple shimmer.
-La Noche - Black base with lots of deep blue shimmer.
-Eternal Innocence - Mid-toned shimmering green.

I found these shadows to be about the same as all my other Fyrinnae. Most are awesome but you get one or two that are mostly matte with a shimmer overlay. I don't find these work as well for me as those which are a bit more cohesive in texture. Pixie Epoxy definitely brings out the best in these shadows but they're pretty good when foiled as well.

Will I order again?: I think the chances are quite high! As long as they continue making Pixie Epoxy. I probably won't put in that many orders as new colours aren't released that often and I've pretty much got every colour that I want. If anything new is released in the future then I should imagine that I'll order.

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Monday, 20 June 2011

Review: eBay 24 Baked Eye Shadow Palette

I have had so many requests to review this since I bought it! It doesn't seem to have a brand, I only know it as the 24 Baked Palette. I bought mine ages ago from Celia Makeup on eBay. I'm sure I paid no more than about £25, including shipping. The seller is now listing them for £100 plus £10 shipping from Hong Kong. They do appear to be the only seller right now with that particular palette but certainly don't deserve linking to with that ridiculous price increase. It's not worth £100.

As is typical with most cheap make up I've bought from Hong Kong, it was bubble wrapped to within an inch of its life and reached me quite happily. It's in a glossy, plain black case in a plain black box with no branding. There was a mirror in the lid but it fell off as it wasn't glued in very well.

You get 18 eye shadow duos and 6 marbled eye shadows. They're all a really good size. While some of the shadows look similar, there are no duplicates within this palette. All of these are shimmery, with a couple veering close to frosty.

The surface of each shadow is really hard. I had to rub off the top layer of each of the 24 shadows in order to get any pigmentation at all. After that, they are extremely powdery! I get so much powder flung out when I use these and I really don't like that. It just makes it hard to keep the palette clean.

Urban Decay Primer Potion just does not do it for these shadows. You need something slightly sticky or these just blend right off. It feels like there's no binder in these shadows, they don't stick at all. Yet the ingredients list Dimethicone and Mineral Oil very high up in the list. I suspect the ingredients list is not quite accurate, these shadows do not have any of the creamy, oily texture that these two ingredients give. For the typical creamy, oily texture that these ingredients provide see something like the £1 MUA shadows.

I swatched these with a mineral shadow primer I collected along the way (the label is gone, it creases within 2 hours on my lids). It's not the usual Detrivore that I've been using, but I'm not sure where I got it.

These work best with something like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. They really do need something to stick to. They work well when used with a damp brush as well (Foiling). With Pixie Epoxy you can see some complexity to some shades. There are sparkles and shimmers that just don't show up in the pan or with a less sticky primer. It was quite unexpected. I was almost ready to give up on this palette until I tried the Pixie Epoxy.

I got good wear out of these, possibly because they behaved more like loose mineral shadows due to the lack of binder rather than pressed shadows. I got a good 6 hours out of these. Fading depends on the colour of the shadow. Some of the blues and purples can fade a little.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Indie Review: Persephone Minerals

Initial Impression: Persephone Minerals is another company I've come across on Etsy that has had some coverage on the blogs. Honestly, if I hadn't seen so many blog posts on the company, I might not have ordered. Some of the photos that show for the listing don't make the listings stand out to me in the pile of mineral companies out there. However, if you look at the actual listings you'll see that some of the colours are complex and unusual. I definitely recommend looking at some blogs though for swatches and reviews. The general consensus is pretty good.

I recommend checking out Color Me Obsessed, Phyrra and The Beauty Spot for some great swatches.

I had a really hard time picking out which colours to order. In the end I went for one that had caught my eye from the first time I went into the Etsy shop and one of the sets. At time of ordering, there was a stated turn around time of 7-15 business days.

Order: Full sized jar of Bicurious for $5.00, full sized set of Sailor Senshi Jupiter for $30.00. I also had a coupon code for 26% off my order, which is why I bought the set instead of just another couple of jars. Full sized jars are 3g.
Shipping To the UK - $4.25 for the first item, $0.01 per item after that. Perfectly reasonable. I received a shipping notification about 3 weeks after ordering, my parcel arrived just over a month after I ordered.

What did I get?: My 3g jars arrived in a padded envelope in a green organza bag. I received a print out of my invoice with a thank you note and a customised ingredients print out, showing the ingredients of the colours I ordered.

The jars come with a Persephone Minerals label on the top and a label with the colour name and collection on the bottom. I'm not a fan of labels on the top and bottom, it can make it difficult to see the colour in the jar when they're in my drawers. I received free samples of Stage Lights and Bachelor Party.

-Bicurious - I was so disappointed in this one. It is a pale blue with pink shimmer, showing none of the depth and shine that it had in the Etsy listing photo. It's pretty, but lacked the "wow" that I was expecting.
-Stagelights - Lilac with gold shimmer overlay.
-Bachelor Party - Red/orange with pink shimmer.

The Sailor Jupiter colours are only available in a set but you can buy full sized jars or sample baggies.
-Princess Jupiter - Light, shimmering green.
-Jupiter Crystal Power - Green with strong yellow shimmer and barely there pink sparkle.
-Sailor Jupiter - Green shimmer with pink sparkle.
-Jupiter Oak Evolution - Green shimmer with lots of green and gold sparkle.
-Makoto - Soft brown shimmer with a hint of green sparkle.

I've worn these a couple of times but don't have photos for some reason. You definitely need some kind of sticky base with these or they just blend away to nothing. Also, the Sailor Jupiter colours have so much sparkle in them that you definitely need to stick them to something. They work great over Pixie Epoxy which helps to grab on all the sparkle and shimmer. I was a little disappointed when I compared a couple of colours to the Etsy photos, they just seem a little less amazing.

Would I order again?: Maybe, probably not. While the colours were pretty, none of the colours made me go "wow" as I was expecting from other blog reviews. The processing time was mentioned on Etsy when I ordered, I just don't enjoy waiting a month for an order. I might be more tempted to order again if the processing time ever goes down in the future but at this point, I won't be.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Review: MyFace Cosmetics Bling Tone Shadow "Purple Haze"

I've passed the MyFace Cosmetics stand at my local Boots several times and covered my hands with the sparkly Bling Tone eye shadows more than once. But, I'd just never got round to getting one in any of my shopping trips.

It seems that MyFace Cosmetics is split into two areas. The first one is divided by skin tone and the other is the Bling Tones. The skin tones are divided into Fair, Medium and Medium/Dark. I fall into Fair, which is probably not a surprise. There's a range of the usual make up products in each of these skin tone ranges. But it's the Bling Tone that we're going to be looking at today, specifically Bling Tone eye shadow.

These are available from the MyFace Cosmetics website and Boots for £9.99 each. I have the purple one in Purple Haze

The first thing I noticed was just how sparkly the shadow was! It's absolutely packed full of sparkle. The actual base colour seemed quite sheer but buildable. The sparkle is very sticky, it stays where you put it! I was worried about fall out but as long as I didn't overload my brush, I didn't end up with sparkles all over my face. While it is full of sparkle, it isn't chunky in texture. The sparkle is very fine and smooth.

Instead of a swatch, I have an eye picture. I meant to do swatches but can't find the picture.

This is applied over eye shadow primer. The base colour applies a little more towards pink than it appeared in the pan, but look how green my eye looks! The sparkle in this almost gives a wet effect to the look which was interesting. I should imagine the whole look would be much more metallic if I tried this with a damp brush. This lasted on me for a good 8 hours without creasing and there was a tiny bit of sparkle fall out from the outer edge of my lid. Be careful when removing though, I ended up with the sparkle everywhere! Instead of using a cleansing oil (like MAC's), I use an eye make up remover on a cotton pad for a much less messy removal.

I'll definitely consider buying more of these in the future, I've got my eye on that delicious looking bright blue!

This product was provided free for review purposes, this has no effect on the review I give.

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By Lauren Luke Palette Reviews

I thought I'd just get all my By Lauren Luke palette reviews in one place for you!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Indie Review: Silk Naturals

Initial Impressions: I have previously reviewed products from Silk Naturals, but I haven't reviewed the order process. Some new products were released that looked interesting and I wanted to try their unique foundation system. So this time I ordered a few products to see what the turn around time and shipping was like. There truly is a huge range of products here, so there's plenty to explore.

You can create an account in order to make the ordering process simpler. You can track all previous orders and there's also a loyalty point scheme, which I don't think I've seen done with any of the companies I have ordered from in the past. Also, there is usually a gift with purchase colour if you spend over $10. While shopping, there is a cart at the top of the page which shows the cost of what you have in there.

Order: Sample of the foundation kit for $3.95, Eye Shadow Enhancer for $4.99, Torn Fishnets & Spellbound shadows for $4.00 each.
Shipping: To the UK - $6.55. I received a shipping notification 3 days after ordering.

What did I get?: My order came in a bubble envelope with a leaflet showing my order and product ingredients. All my stuff was wrapped nicely in pink tissue paper but I was too eager to get into the goodies and didn't take a photo! The Shadow Enhancer was wrapped in a separate sealed bag so the rest of my order would have been fine if there were any leaks.

I also received a gift with purchase small jar of Biscayne and a baggie sample of Diablo blush. The gift jar changes each week.

Reviews of the foundation system and the shadow enhancer will be coming up in the future as both require a little more testing than the eye shadows!

The swatches are done with a dry brush over Detrivore primer.

-Torn Fishnets - Deep charcoal base with silver and gold sparkle
-Spell Bound - Slightly greened gold shimmer
-Biscayne - Rosy coppery shimmer with a bit of silver sparkle

Once again, I'm really pleased with these Silk Naturals eye shadows. They may not be the brightest or most intense out there but they are very reasonably priced and of excellent quality. I'm more than happy to continue spending money on them!

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Monday, 13 June 2011

More From Love Hues

After the success of my first order from LoveHues, I couldn't wait to get in another. I'd sent the seller a link to my previous LoveHues review and now you can request sifters to help prevent any mess in transit.

I couldn't wait to get into the goodies, so there's no picture of the wrappings. It was wrapped up in tissue paper as it was previously. The seller included a few extra samples. The full sized jars came with sealed sifters which means there was no mess when I opened the jars. You can request to have them or not.

I got (descriptions from LoveHues):

-Antique Moon jar - soft, brown hued taupe
-Sea Grey jar - stormy blue grey
-Dove Grey Pearled Gown - silver grey pearl

-Teddy Bear sample - mid toned taupe with a hint of purple and gold
-Gold Spun Peach sample - light, bright peach with gold
-Coy Minx sample - pink with a nude hue
-Bronze Honey sample - right gold with a hint of bronze
-Chestnut Mulberry sample - pearlescent warm brown

I think I just want them all at this point! I'm definitely planning on ordering again, I just love these colours.

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Friday, 10 June 2011

Review: Sleek MakeUp Mediterranean Collection

Sleek MakeUp have just released the eagerly awaited Mediterranean collection and I've got two of the three items from the collection to review for you. There's also a Pout Polish in this collection but I just have the palette and blush for you today. This collection is inspired by the vivid colours of the Mediterranean. Last summer I went on holiday to Bodrum. Although it is on the Aegean Sea, it's in that area and the colour that stood out to me the most was blue. Hot, vivid blue skies.

Sleek MakeUp is available from selected Superdrugs or the Sleek MakeUp website. This collection is available for a limited time only.

-Palette - £6.49
-Blush - £4.29
-Pout Polish - £4.29

Firstly, the palette! This one is called the Monaco palette and consists of 4 metallic shades, 1 shimmer and 7 mattes. I've got to say though, I think I prefer the older eye shadow palettes where most of the colours had some level of shimmer. I'm not a huge lover of mattes. The colour mix is good, there are a few more toned down mattes but also a few metallic colours that pretty much shout at you. That turquoise on the bottom row - gorgeous!

The metallic shades were rich and creamy in texture and had high levels of pigmentation, they do feel a little delicate though so be careful not to dig at them too hard! The mattes were a little sheerer than I've come to expect from Sleek MakeUp's mattes but the texture was spot on as usual. No chalky mattes here. Also surprising was the lack of the usual matte black! In its place is a deep, navy blue which I think fits into the colour scheme so much better.

Swatches are done with a dry brush over eye shadow primer. These are the top row:

And here's the bottom row:

When I first saw the Santorini blush, I didn't quite know what to make of it. This thing is bright!

I couldn't get my camera to show the colour anywhere close to what it actually is, it's just so bright! however, when I swatched it I noticed that it applies a little darker than I expected. As with Sleek MakeUp's other blushers, this is very pigmented but applies and blends very easily. I just touched the blush with my brush very lightly and blended carefully. This gave me a lovely flush of colour.

I couldn't resist creating a look with the new collection, all ready for summer while we're sitting through a storm!

Sleek MakeUp products in this review were provided free for review purposes. This has no effect on the review I give.

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Review: Boots No7 Mini Metallic Eyes Pencil Set

Boots No7 released a few of these sets around Christmas. I am once again being bad and reviewing things you can't get any more. Oh, actually, you can get them for just over £10 on the Boots website! I bought the Smoky Jewels set which had the most interesting shades.

You get 5 mini sized liners in the set (0.8g as opposed to 1.0g). The packaging isn't anything exciting. I've got at least 3 other brands in my liner pot that have the black body and coloured end. Boots No7 released the metallic pencils a few years back and I quite liked them so I was quite excited to see this set.

The texture reminds me a lot of the Gosh liners and Urban Decay 24/7 liners. That slightly creamy texture, as opposed to the harder kohl type. They are quite soft but if you have problems sharpening them, just pop them in the fridge for 10 minutes or so. I like the way they look all lined up in this picture!

The colours were quite fun! Most of them (apart from the silvery one) seemed to be a colour overlay to a deeper base. This gave them the smokiness that the name suggested. Pigmentation wasn't too bad, I have to go over the line a couple of times to get the real depth to the colour that I like. Also, you need be careful with smudging them as over smudging tends to remove some of the colour overlay and you end up with mostly a deep grey line. They'll remain able to be smudged for a little longer than the Urban Decay 24/7 liners and I've found they can smudge a little under my lower lashline through the day. Nothing too major for me as I quite often set liner with a powder shadow, but if you have oily lids then that may be something to keep an eye on.

I think my favourites in the set are the silver and gold, I've worn those the most!

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Beautiful Pigments: About Face "One Broken Stiletto"

Over my years of being a slightly obsessive make up collector, I've ended up with a lit of things that are discontinues, today's Beautiful Pigment is one of those.

The She Space is a company that I bought quite a lot from, they had some pretty good eye shadows (some not so good as well!). I'll be showing some of my favourites in this series. Unfortunately, I don't have any pricing information or a site to link you to as the company is long gone.

One Broken Stiletto is from my favourite collection that The She Space released - Cinderella Dumped Her Fella. The colours in this collection were some of the best that they had offered.

In the jar this is a dark, slightly greyish toned blue with some hints of blue sparkle and shimmer.

This is definitely a pigment that needs to be worn either foiled or over a sticky base, like Pixie Epoxy. When used dry, just over a primer, the greyish base of the colour shows through and some of the complexity of the shade is lost. It needs the sticky primer (or foiling) to pull the pigment together and show the full shimmer. More of the blue shimmer is shown when foiled and the grey base just adds a depth to the colour, rather than overwhelming it.

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