Friday, 10 June 2011

Review: Sleek MakeUp Mediterranean Collection

Sleek MakeUp have just released the eagerly awaited Mediterranean collection and I've got two of the three items from the collection to review for you. There's also a Pout Polish in this collection but I just have the palette and blush for you today. This collection is inspired by the vivid colours of the Mediterranean. Last summer I went on holiday to Bodrum. Although it is on the Aegean Sea, it's in that area and the colour that stood out to me the most was blue. Hot, vivid blue skies.

Sleek MakeUp is available from selected Superdrugs or the Sleek MakeUp website. This collection is available for a limited time only.

-Palette - £6.49
-Blush - £4.29
-Pout Polish - £4.29

Firstly, the palette! This one is called the Monaco palette and consists of 4 metallic shades, 1 shimmer and 7 mattes. I've got to say though, I think I prefer the older eye shadow palettes where most of the colours had some level of shimmer. I'm not a huge lover of mattes. The colour mix is good, there are a few more toned down mattes but also a few metallic colours that pretty much shout at you. That turquoise on the bottom row - gorgeous!

The metallic shades were rich and creamy in texture and had high levels of pigmentation, they do feel a little delicate though so be careful not to dig at them too hard! The mattes were a little sheerer than I've come to expect from Sleek MakeUp's mattes but the texture was spot on as usual. No chalky mattes here. Also surprising was the lack of the usual matte black! In its place is a deep, navy blue which I think fits into the colour scheme so much better.

Swatches are done with a dry brush over eye shadow primer. These are the top row:

And here's the bottom row:

When I first saw the Santorini blush, I didn't quite know what to make of it. This thing is bright!

I couldn't get my camera to show the colour anywhere close to what it actually is, it's just so bright! however, when I swatched it I noticed that it applies a little darker than I expected. As with Sleek MakeUp's other blushers, this is very pigmented but applies and blends very easily. I just touched the blush with my brush very lightly and blended carefully. This gave me a lovely flush of colour.

I couldn't resist creating a look with the new collection, all ready for summer while we're sitting through a storm!

Sleek MakeUp products in this review were provided free for review purposes. This has no effect on the review I give.

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  1. The blush looks really good, I have got to invest in one.

  2. ITA, I like the blush on you! Also I'm loving Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower, and Hummingbird. I also think Aquamarine, Sunset, and Washed Ashore are very MAC Surf Baby haha.

  3. The palettes are £7 online - why do they keep putting the price up? It's so annoying! I'm not impressed with so many mattes either. Thanks for the review!

  4. gosh, the mattes do look like a disappointment. I'm lusting after the blush so badly that i was going to order that and the eyeshadow palette with it (and suck up for the horrendous international shipping). I'm not so sure now. Although it would be nice if I could find somebody from the UK willing to ship the item to me ><

  5. I adore the look of Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower and Hummingbird. And OMG that blush is *right* up my alley

  6. Delurking to say that the blush looks FANTASTIC on you! And the eyeshadow color combo is really pretty--somehow definitely says "summer" instead of "Christmas" as red and green usually suggests to me.

    Man, I wish I could get my hands on Sleek in the US, but it seems like they're to the UK what NYX is to us... Anyway, the colors in this collection look beautiful and perfect for summer. It's refreshing that they aren't going for the peach/bronze summer look like everyone else. I actually dig the mix of mattes and shimmers in the eyeshadow palette; a good matte shadow is hard to find, but I do like contrasting them with different eyeshadow textures!

  7. Lovely colors of blush-on...i Have never seen before this kinds of Color of Blush-on..Thanks for the posting!

  8. Hi there! absolutely love your review!
    I just ordered the lip tint and blush today and *tip* I got it from ebay 100% original straight from UK. The seller is called 'vanitypalace' and the price is just great. I'm from Spain and ordering something online becomes really expensive even if shipped from here not abroad.

    I am a huge fan of sleek and I find this store in ebay the biggest discovery I made in ages!!! Will order more for sure and I recommend you do too.

    Enjoy your summer guys x


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