Saturday, 26 February 2011

Review: Judith Williams Phytomineral All In One Day & Night Cream

It's always difficult to review skincare items as every one's skin is going to react differently and need different things to be at its best. My skin is currently normal/combination with a little winter related dryness around the top of my cheeks.

Still, I like to have a go occasionally!

Judith Williams is a brand that is featured on QVC and I haven't really seen it mentioned on many blogs. The Phytomineral line appealed to me as it seemed to be best for skin that's starting to, um, age a bit. Come on, 30 is very close on the horizon!

Recently, I got to try a few products from the Phytomineral line. I have been using this moisturiser since around Christmas time, so long enough to give it a really thorough testing!

According to the website, the Phytomineral range is apparently suitable for all skin types, but I'm not convinced that one skin care line can be suitable for everyone. I'm not sure that younger skin needs something for premature aging, a decent skincare regime should keep everything good!

It appears as though Judith Williams is only available through QVC right now in the UK (either that or my Google skills have failed me tonight), but you'll get a 30 day money back guarantee that way. Prices aren't too high either. I can't find the 75ml tube on QVC, but there is a 150ml pot available for £27. Other facial moisturisers I have are 50ml, so that is a bargain! There are other products available in sets as well.

This moisturiser has tiny red and yellow beads suspended in the cream. These are supposed to burst when you massage the cream into your skin, releasing vitamins (red) and Q10 (yellow). I only started getting the beads coming out of the tube when I'd used about a quarter of the cream up, so I suspect there is going to be a load of them left in the tube when it's empty. Also, I generally only get one of the beads at a time. I'm not sure that the tine bead has enough of these extra ingredients to cover my face:

There's a yellow one!

Quite often I've found that the bead doesn't burst and it's still on the tip of my finger or someone notices a yellow thing on my cheek.

However, I love the moisturiser! It's a little too rich for application in the morning if I'm rushing and applying make up shortly afterwards but it's just fine if I have time to let the moisturiser soak in. It's also enough for me to use as a night cream as I don't need too much extra moisturisation overnight just yet (specific day and night creams are available on QVC).

After application my skin feels hydrated and smooth, which lasts all day. I didn't need to apply that much of this cream either so the 75ml tube is going to last ages. There is a very slight fruity scent to this cream, but it is very slight. I don't tend to like anything too scented going on my face! If you have very dry skin, this may not offer enough hydration for you. It just about keeps up with my winter related dry patches, keeping them flake free.

While this product was provided free for review purposes (which has no bearing on the review), I am planning on repurchasing this with my own cash!

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