Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Top 5 Mineral Companies

Since I'd said previously that I'd like to show many, many more minerals on my blog I thought the best way to kick that off was to do a run down of my 5 favourite mineral brands. This is as they stand currently, I may discover an amazing new brand in 2010. These are in no particular order.

-Fyrinnae - well, they say they're not strictly a mineral make up line but they certainly seem to have some kind of mineral base. Pretty much everyone lumps them in with the mineral brands and, for the sake of this list and blog, so am I. They create some of the most amazing and unique shades of eye shadow I have ever come across. I have well over 100 of their eye shadows and a few of the liquid liners. I keep planning on trying their foundation but just hadn't got round to sampling yet before they removed it from the site. Shipping can take a while but each item of your order is made fresh, they don't keep stock to hand. The shipping times are displayed on the front page of the website. Also check out their blog, here, which is worth following as they talk about site down time, new colours, and quite a few random things. Fyrinnae have also given me the absolute best customer service I have ever received.

-The She Space - I have been a customer of Heather's for quite a large number of years. I'm a customer from back in the Twisted Fayte days. The She Space's main focus is on the eye shadow pigments. There are a few other products, but not a huge number. There are a large number of eye shadows available in the permanent line, along with a vast number of limited edition collections. I tend to order samples of the full set of limited edition eye shadows and order a couple of full sized jars once I've had a play with those. The colours created are beautiful and complex and are best used with a damp brush. I've found they can be on the sheer side if used dry. Shipping can take a couple of weeks. It's worth joining the message board, here, for updates and chatter with other She Space fans.

-Sassy Minerals - while I have only received some samples from them and not actually ordered myself, they do deserve to appear in my top 5 mineral companies. The eye shadows they create are absolutely beautiful! They're complex and still very easy to work with. They have quite a large range of colours to pick from and offer samples of everything. I've also got some foundation samples and quite like the texture and finish. I think I will actually be ordering some samples, a full size of Gasoline Rainbow and a foundation before much longer. The eye shadows are pigmented and work well dry, but some of the complexity works best when they're used with a damp brush.

-Sweetscents - I admit the site isn't the best to navigate and the product photos aren't exactly amazing but my Sweetscents pigments are some of my favourites! They're the very first mineral company I ever ordered from, back when I didn't know what the difference between straight mica and a mineral eye shadow was. What you order from Sweetscents is straight mica. They're a wholesaler and usually deal with large quantities. You can order sample sets of 10g jars. I've ended up with something like 200 of their micas. I think their range was larger in the past as I have a great deal of micas that are no longer on the site. I've got colours that they blended just for me, colours that were created but never launched, colours that were custom blended and some was left over. I've just noticed a new option to order individual 10g jars on each colour group page.

-TKB Trading - TKB Trading are one of the main mineral wholesalers. Quite often I've ordered exciting new mineral pigments from a new brand, only to find they've stuck some TKB Trading mica into a jar and given it a new name. It's worth ordering from TKB Trading, even if you only order the Pop Sampler as this appears so many times as a rainbow collection in other brands. You can order samples from them for $1.50 each and for that you get a whole tablespoon of mica (1 teaspoon of the more expensive micas, such as the colour shifting or metal based micas). There is a minimum order value of $19.50 (ish) but then they are a wholesaler and you can order your mica in pounds if that's what you want!


  1. what a coincidence! i came here to have a look through some old posts about mineral eyeshadows and find this right at the top!

    love me some mineral eyeshadows and am keen to try more!

    will check these out!

  2. I'm a big fan of mineral cosmetics myself and I think I'll have to try Fyrinnae... I don't have any of their stuff yet.

  3. @Rebecca - I'm hoping to feature a lot of mineral throughout 2010! If you do get anything, then I'd love to hear what you bought :)

    @Biba - they're worth trying! Some beautiful colours. Everyone need a bit of Polar Bear in their lives.

  4. Thanks for the tip on Polar Bear - it's really "must have".

  5. I think I need to order some Sweetscents :) I like the same companies you do! Have you ever tried Aromaleigh? It's one of my favorite companies too.

  6. @Nea - I haven't tried Aromaleigh yet, they're on my list to try.

  7. great post! had a look at tbk, do you have to mix the mica with anything to make an eyeshadow?! im a tad confused! xx

  8. to Noobarella
    no need to mix - just apply the eyeshadow primer; some interference colors may need some mixing to reveal their full potential (like the "Travel to" or "hilite" collection) but they also look good over some dark base.

    What I have noticed is that lots of ppl have TKB stuff but not many use them in EOTD's...


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