Sunday, 27 September 2009

Review: ELF Studio Make Up Brushes

I have had these brushes for quite a while now, I really wanted to put them to the test before reviewing them. I have used and washed these numerous times so now I think I can give you a thorough review!

ELF Studio brushes are sold on and they cost £3.50 each. Yes, every single one of these brushes is £3.50! All brushes have synthetic hair (Taklon) and are cruelty free.

As an overview of all the brushes: they are all black handled with black ferrules and bristles. I've lightened some of the images so that the detail of the brush head shows. Taking decent photos of these brushes was hard! Some of the brushes don't feel at all as though they are synthetic, they feel as soft as some of the animal hair brushes I have. The handles are all a nice length, all the brushes are roughly 17cm from base to tip. Mine all live in the brush belt, available here for £15.00.

I just want to point out that when I mention some brushes feeling more stiff than others, it doesn't mean that they are in any way "scratchy". I'm going on how soft they feel and how much "give" there is in the brush head.

-Eye Shadow "C" Brush - A flat eye shadow shader brush, basically. This is one of the brushes that feels as though it's made of natural hair. A lot of people have compared this to the MAC #239 brush and although it doesn't look like it, it does the same job. The bristles are densely packed and there's a good amount of stiffness to the brush. It picks up a decent amount of eye shadow to deposit on the lid. Not the best for blending as there's not much in the way of give to the head. I use this for depositing colour only.

-Contour Brush - A round pencil brush. Another one that has very natural feeling bristles. This is quite a fat pencil brush so I've found it pretty useless for applying shadow to the lower lash line. It's too big, even for the smudged smokey looks I love to create. This is compared endlessly to the MAC #219 brush. It's nothing alike, in my opinion. This brush isn't anywhere near as pointed as the #219, it's much shorter and flatter. It is a fabulous brush for applying a deep crease shade. I like to use it in my outer crease after I have blended out my main crease colour.

-Small Smudge Brush - An interesting little brush. Most brands would have given us this brush as a lip brush, but ELF class it as an eye brush. Perhaps a little small for a lip brush This is one of the stiffer, obviously synthetic brushes but it is in no way scratchy. ELF suggest using this is an eyeliner brush, or to blend out eyeliner. I've used this so far to apply colour to my lower lash line. I haven't used this for eye liner, though it might be good for the gel liners as it can create a very fine line.

-Small Angled Brush - Your basic angled liner brush that I think pretty much everyone needs in their collection. Another one of the more synthetic feeling brushes. Great for applying gel liner, or use it damp to turn eye shadows and pigments into eyeliner. Compared to the MAC #266, which I think is a close comparison. It's not quite the same, as the #266 is a very stiff natural haired brush. The ELF brush is no where near as stiff, so I find the gel liner application isn't quite so precise but I have no complaints about it at all! I'm just as happy using this one as my #266.

-Concealer Brush - A very good, basic synthetic concealer brush. It's a flat, paddle shaped brush with the stiffer, more synthetic feeling bristles. It works fantastically well as an under eye concealer brush, but I've only ever used it once for that. This brush, for me, shines for wet pigment application on the lids. Applying pigments wet works best with a synthetic brush (natural hair soaks up too much of the liquid) and the stiffness to the bristles means I can apply the wet pigments as though they were a cream eye shadow.

-Angled Foundation Brush - A good foundation brush for applying liquid foundation. Probably the brush out of this set that gets the least use from me. It's a good foundation brush, but I find it's just a little too small. I think it could do with being a little thicker and wider. I always end up with a heavier cover of foundation with this brush, I think this is due to its size. The best use I've found is for blending foundation into the contours of the face (under eye, around nose, near lips) rather than for full face foundation. You might want a little heavier coverage in these areas. Plus the shape means you can create a very precise application.

-Powder Brush - Basically a flat topped kabuki with a long handle. This is probably my most used brush out of the whole set. This is a softer brush and the head feels like velvet on your face. No loose hairs, no scratchiness at all. The head is very densely packed so it makes an absolutely wonderful brush to apply mineral powder foundation. I get a flawless finish to my foundation when I use this brush. The softness of the head allows you to really buff your foundation in. Not the best brush for liquid foundation, but use it afterwards to buff in your powder. Also good for finishing powders. ELF also suggest this is as a blusher brush, but it's too big for me to use it that way.

-Complexion Brush - Large, soft paddle brush. I think I need about 3 of these. I use it for blusher, especially the more pigmented pressed blushers and mineral blushers. The softness means I can get a lovely soft flush of colour, even from the most pigmented blushers in my collection. I also use it as a powder brush (after a thorough cleaning!). I stroke this brush a lot, it feels lovely on the skin! It's lovely and dense so it doesn't feel too floppy, even with the long bristles. Can't believe this one is made of Taklon!

-Fan Brush - Basic fan brush. Again, a brush that everyone needs in their collection. This is quite thin and soft, so I use it mainly for sweeping away any eye shadow that has fallen onto my cheekbones. It picks up it without smearing it over my face! Green stripes would not be attractive! I've also used this to apply my most pigmented blushers, it gives a very soft application but I prefer the Complexion brush for pigmented blusher. A good staple.

So, overall, these brushes are fantastic for the price! I still can't believe they are all only £3.50! If you are looking for some brushes, just beginning or wanting to round out your collection on a budget then I highly recommend these brushes. These have stood up very well for repeated daily use so I'm pleased to have them in my collection.

Just a quick word on washing. I use my MAC brush cleaner on these and wash them in the same wash I do all my brushes, I'm actually quite rough on my brushes. I think I only lost one or two hairs on the Complexion brush the first time I washed it and none on the others, or that one, since. They dry very quickly as well.

If you've bought any of the ELF Studio brushes then I'd love to hear what you think of them!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

NOTD: 25/09/09 Maybelline Midnight Blue

I know, I know - another nail post! I do promise I have some make up goodies coming up very soon!

This is one of the two polishes that I received in the Maybelline goodie bag. The other is a hot read that no doubt I'll be trying out at some point. The blue shade was actually mentioned during the even so I think that Maybelline are (justifiably) proud of this shade.

It's a very deep and rich navy blue with a flash of blue shimmer. The shimmer is less evident on the nail than in the bottle. The flash of my camera, as usual, has exaggerated the shimmer. In some lights this looks like a navy cream, but when the light hits it just right, the shimmer looks amazing!

I only used two coats as I apply my polish in very thin layers. One coat may have been enough if you apply with a heavier hand, but a thicker coat may take longer to dry. The polish is quite thick, especially when compared to OPI (which likes to fall off the brush), so it may need thinning in the future.

I decided that this polish would be the perfect base with which to try out my Konad kit! I'd tried it out on my bare nails but hadn't done a complete manicure yet. I used plate "M3" with the small flowers and the white polish that came with the kit.

It was much easier than I thought it was going to be and I managed to do my whole set of nails in about 20 minutes. Once I've tried it a few more times, I'll do a proper write-up.

I'm really pleased with the final look of the konad. The contrast between the navy and the white looks lovely and crisp.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mint Cream, Anyone?

It all started with MAC's "Peppermint Patti", released earlier this year. Before that came along, I never would have worn a cream on my nails. And, honestly, when I originally saw the swatches from people's blogs, I wasn't impressed with the colour at all. It looked uninteresting and as though it would clash with my skin tone. Then when I got down to London, I got to see it in person. I really liked the colour in the bottle so I had to pick one up!

That was also my first MAC polish and I'd seen the warnings about the formula. It does take either 3 or 4 coats to become even and opaque but dried well enough with rapid dry top coat. It did chip after a day at work (but I have a new top coat that I'm trying out).

Barry M were next to catch my eye with "Mint Green" which again caused mass-hysteria over blog-land so it sold out everywhere. I managed to find 3 bottles (2 extras have been given out as prizes) at a Superdrug in Lincoln. It's extremely close in colour to "Peppermint Patti" (the photo with the flash exaggerates the colour difference) but the finish is a bit less opaque than the MAC's. I had to use 4 coats and I still had some show through from my nail line. It has been suggested that I try this over a white polish which will prevent the show through.

Collection 2000 released a set of new Hot Looks fast dry polishes not too long ago, and they had included a mint cream called "Button Moon" in that line up. I generally need 2 coats for the polish to be opaque. The quick dry finish does dull the shine, but I always use a top coat anyway. This one is a much fresher colour than the others, with virtually none of the yellow undertone that the other mints have. It's very obvious when they are all lined up.

The most recent to be added to my collection is OPI "Hey! Get in Lime!" which I saw over on the nail board at makeupalley. It's a little softer than "Peppermint Patti" but is closer to MAC's and Barry M as it shares the same yellow undertone. This one only arrived a couple of days ago so I haven't got round to trying it yet! The formula looks quite thin so I suspect it's going to need 4 coats.

What are you loving on your nails this month?

Monday, 21 September 2009

NOTD: 21/09/09 OPI Reflecting Pool

As someone who is beginning to really get back into nail stuff, I have a few nail blogs on my reading list. One of my favourites is The Nailphile who does some quite amazing swatching. Recently she featured a polish from OPI called "Reflecting Pool" which looked absolutely stunning. I made a note of the name, saw it was limited edition and gave up hope of owning it. Drool over her swatches of "Reflecting Pool".

Then I stumbled across it in my local Sally's. We pay a ridiculous price for our OPI in the UK compared to the US, but this has been worth every penny. I discovered it wasn't released over in the US, but I'm not sure if it was just a UK or a European release.

It's a beautiful foil looking blue with gold sparkles. I don't think it's quite big enough to class as glitter, but it definitely sparkles! This is quite possibly the most unique polish I've ever seen. This is 4 coats as the polish is very runny. It kept trying to fall off the brush! I think the finished look is worth the 4 coats though!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

FOTD: 19/09/09

This is what I wore to go and see a band at my local venue last night. I haven't worn much in the way of make up over this last week so I haven't been posting the FOTDs as I promised. I had a good play before I went out and came up with the easiest going out look ever!

You're going to have to ignore the slightly knackered look to me, I'd been up since 5 am!

-Boots No7 Shine Free Make Up Base
-Diorskin Nude Foundation "010"
-ELF Studio Under Eye Concealer "Light"
-ELF Studio Complexion Perfection
-ELF Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame "Light"
-MAC Paint "Untitled" applied in a thin layer over lid
-MAC Shadestick "Sharkskin" over lid & lower lash line, blend out
-MAC Eye Shadow "Nylon" as highlight and pack it on over the shadestick, top and bottom
-Sweetscents Pigment "Vixen" blended into outer edge
-Coastal Scents Gel Liner "True Black" on upper lash line
-Bee Luscious Eye Liner "Onyx" top and bottom waterline
-L'Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara - plenty of it
-MAC Blusher "Springsheen"
-MAC MSF "Glissade" to highlight cheekbones
-Body Shop Liquid Lipstick "13"

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bee Luscious Fall 2009

Considering I've spent a lovely afternoon out in the garden, enjoying some ice cold cider, you'd never guess it was the time of year for the Autumn/Fall collections to start being released. The Fall collection has been up for a few weeks over at Bee Luscious and I've been drooling over it for just as long! I was quite excited to find a box of Fall goodies sat waiting for me on Thursday!

Before I get on with the pictures, I just want to give out a discount code the folk at Bee Luscious have been kind enough to set up for you! I mentioned that I would be featuring the items in my blogtv broadcast last night and a special discount was set up for the viewers. To save 25% on anything on the site, use the code:


Just as I typed, no capitals. It's good until tomorrow.

So, here is everything!

Fall collections are my favourites. I adore the rich textures and colours that are used. Rich golds, coppers and purples feature heavily this year which just create a delicious colour palette!

-Mineral Sheer Veil "Champagne" - This is a pale creamy liquid with golden shimmer. This can be applied to give a strong shimmer or really sheered out. I'm looking forward to trying this as a cheek highlight.
-Mineral Gemstone Finishing Powder "Corrector" - This contains 4 different shades of powder. You can blend them together to apply over the face or concentrate on specific areas. I'd use the yellow under the eyes and the green to conceal redness, for example.
-Mineral Gemstone Shadow "Rose Gold" & "Blue Sapphire" - The "Rose Gold" is a very pretty shade which is going to look fab with purples. The "Blue Sapphire" really jumps out at me though, it's rich and dramatic. Hmm, I've had a request for a smokey blue look. Maybe I'll use this.
-Signature Shadow Quad "Nouveau Riche" - Four eye shadow colours to create a Fall look. This one really reminds me of the changing colours of trees at this time of year.
-Liquid Lustre "Pink Champagne" - Strongly pigmented and really glossy. This gloss has a brush, rather than a doe-foot applicator which proved to interest some over on blogtv last night. I've worn this and the lasting power is pretty decent.
-Liquiliners "Cognac", "Blueberry Fizz", "Sterling" - I'll be featuring these on their own in another blog post. I'm loving "Cognac" especially.

And, finally, the Fall 2009 palette!! This is what I've been waiting to use since it appeared on the Bee Luscious website! It was a massive hit on blogtv last night, I've had quite a few requests to do some videos with it.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Haul: London Sept 2009

Well, I hadn't really planned on much of a haul this time. I think I managed it anyway. Also, I've been back less than a week and my haul is going up already! I'm getting better at this.

Shall we start with the MAC? I'm sure it's the one most of you will be wanting to see!

I didn't like a huge amount from the new collections, not even the nail polishes or pigments I had planned on looking at. I only got 2 of the new eye shadows, the rest of my haul was just what's normally in stock at MAC.

-Brush Cleaner - Not pictures. I always buy a bottle when I get to a MAC.
-"One-Off" Eye Shadow - From the Starflash finish, a gorgeous and well pigmented green.
-"Fashion" Eye Shadow - Another Starflash, an unusual greyish blue.
-"Naked Paris" Lipstick - Got with Back2MAC, literally the first one I picked up.
-"Blackground" Paint Pot - Shimmery black. Wanted it for a while but never got round to buying it. Going to look amazing as a base for pigments.
-"Delft" Paint Pot - Vivid turquoise shimmer. Perhaps not as useful as my other paint pots, but it's a gorgeous one!
-"Odd Couple" Mineralize Eye Shadow - Pretty much spur of the moment, I liked the purple!
-"Sea & Sky" Mineralize Eye Shadow - Saw this behind the counter at Selfridges, had to get it after seeing Queenofblending do an amazing look with it.
-"Margin" Blusher - I was having difficulty choosing between this and another blusher. A very friendly MA came over and tried this one out on me, I think it looked fab and the other was going to be too dark.
-#129 Brush - Absolutely spur of the moment, the MA used this to try out my blusher and I loved the way the brush felt.

I had to stop at Urban Decay in Debenhams once I got to Oxford Street, mainly to pick up the new Book of Shadows!

-"Loaded" Cream Eye Liner - Gorgeous, really deep green. Had planned on the black but this jumped at me.
-Book of Shadows Volume 2 - It's gorgeous. Buy it. Expect more videos and blogging with it.

Jasmine took me round to Sally's in Oxford before I had to get the bus so I picked up a few nail bits.

-Yellow Nail File - I needed one!
-China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat - I really need something to make my polish last through a day at work.
-China Glaze Fast Freeze Drops - I'm getting fed up with the shrinkage from Seche Vite so I'm giving this a go.
-China Glaze Polish "Watermelon Rind" - Such a pretty, sparkly green.
-China Glaze Polish "Ruby Pumps" - A favourite of the nail board over on mua, so I just had to get it!

Here's most of the rest, I've kept the Superdrug stuff together at the end!

-Benefit Coralista - Been on my wish list since it came out, decided to buy it when we stumbled across the Benefit Boutique off Neal Street.
-Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow "RSVP" - Had actually sold out but I was given a generous sample to keep me going.
-Illamasqua Pure Pigment "Android" - My first Illamasqua! Pretty pigment, but a very over the top pushy sales lady at the counter.
-OPI Polish "OPI Ink" - Just a pretty one that caught my eye"
-OPI Polish "My Private Jet" - Been on my wish list for aaaaages! Previously sold out every time I've been to the OPI nail bar in Selfridges. One or two other people may have also been inspired to purchase last week!
-Shu Uemura Shadow "ME Beige 800" - Reminds me a little of Stila "Kitten". Very soft and pretty eye shadow.
-Kryolan Satin Powders "SP251", "510", "Champagner" - Have I ever used any Kryolan in my blog or videos? Hmm, these powders are pretty awesome.

OK, I'm bored now! I won't be hauling like this for a long time! I've got a holiday and a super secret mission next year that I really need some money for. Here's the lot from Superdrug.

-Gosh Polish "Gasoline"
-Gosh Let's Twist Eye Liner "Blue Grass"
-Gosh Let's Twist Eye Liner "Hot Flamingo"
-Sleek Make Up Eye Dust "Tigress"
-Sleek Make Up Liquid Liner "Forest Green"
-Sleek Make Up Twist Up Pencil "Sea Blue"

Whew, and that's it!! I'm sure you'll be seeing videos, tutorials, blog posts, reviews about most of it at some point. And as for my super secret mission? I'll tell you later ;)

Monday, 14 September 2009

NOTD: 14/09/09 OPI My Private Jet

This is one of the nail polishes that I picked up while in London last week. And I've not even done my haul post yet!! I have wanted this colour for so, so long that I just couldn't resist actually getting it onto my nails. This is a beautiful plummy brown with holographic deliciousness.

I'm pretty sure there are 2 versions of "My Private Jet". The older, more holographic version is much harder to get hold of. This newer version, with much less of the holographic effect, can be found quite easily. Even the less holographic version is a beautiful polish and one I'm pleased to add to my collection.

You can see Jen's post here about the same polish. I may have inspired a purchase (or two!).

Saturday, 12 September 2009


I remember the nail art trends of the past, some of it got quite scary! But there's been a huge rise in popularity again, especially of the Konad System where designs are stamped on to the nail. This makes creating intricate designs quite idiot proof!

So, I decided to take the plunge and buy a Konad set. This came from Ebay and came to just under £15 with postage. The kit contains 2 design plates, 3 special polishes, a scraper and the stamper.

There are 100s of designs available on the plates, rising to huge numbers if you include the "fauxnad" plates. The Konad System requires thicker polish to create the designs. They say only their "special" polish works, but a multitude of bloggers have found others that work.

I'll be testing this out over the next couple of weeks and I'll share my experiences with you.

Review: Sleek Makeup Pout Polish "Perfect Plum"

I'm sure you've seen a few of the British bloggers reviewing these, but I thought I'd add my thoughts as well.

These are currently available from selected Superdrug stores for £3.91 and come in 4 shades. Each pot contains 10g of product. Contains Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil and SPF15.

I can't compare these to the MAC tinted lip conditioners as I don't own any of those.

I was a little nervous of trying it when I saw how dark the "Perfect Plum" was. As you can see from the photo, it's quite deep. My camera had issues with focusing for the open photo as the Pout Polish is just so glossy. The actual polish is richly pigmented so it's easy to add far too much, but it can be sheered out to a very natural look. I used a lip brush to apply some to my lower lip then used my ring finger to smooth it over the bottom and top lip to give a sheer colour.

The light, gel texture to these seems to melt into your lips rather than sitting on the top, which helps the natural look. I'm wondering if it's designed to melt around body temperature. It doesn't look like there is a product on your lip when you go for the sheer look. I'm sure it would look more like traditional lip gloss if you went for a heavier application.

This has pretty decent lasting power on my lips. I was expecting it to only last 10 minutes at the most, but I got an hour or so of colour out of each application. The conditioning effect lasted much longer, even after the colour had gone.

There is nothing on my lips on the left hand photo, on the right I have applied the Pout Polish.

The taste of vanilla is quite non-offensive to me, perhaps a little strong in this though. The wide, shallow packaging is fantastic! It means that if you do apply with your finger, you're not going to be digging your nails into product once you've got a little way into the pot.

London Sept 2009

As I said in my previous post, I had a very busy couple of days!! This post is pretty much just going to be an overview of what I got up to, the haul will follow in a separate post. Hopefully in less than 2 weeks this time!!

The buses and trains were all present and on time this trip so I got into London as planned at 10:40am. Then it was straight onto the Underground (delightful sweat pit that it is in warm weather) and met Jasmine at Selfridges. I was quite excited to see that Shu Uemura had set up in Selfridges, but I only ended up buying one eye shadow from them. Then we absolutely had to go and see the new offerings at MAC! Nothing really jumped out at me from the new collections, and after seeing the new pigments in person I decided not to buy any of them. While I was paying for what I did buy, we saw Jen (Mizz Worthy) walking past and shouted!

I arranged to meet up with Jen at Hammersmith later on for the event. We managed to wonder round to a few more counters before Jasmine and I had to go on to other things. I went off to Maybelline :)

We met up again at Covent Gardens and wondered over to Souk, which is where we'd decided to eat. It really was an amazing place. The entire restaurant is lit by candle light and there are red and purple drapes all over. At one point, the music was turned up, followed by a belly dancer! Jasmine got some video on my camera but it was too dark in there.

The food was amazing, and there was a lot of it! I think we'll be going again to sample more of the food.

Then Jasmine and I headed back over to Victoria to get the coach back to Oxford (and go past the Sleek stand at Superdrug at Victoria!). The driver managed to break the coach, so we had to wait for another one. We lost our awesome seats.

We had planned to get a vlog recorded once we got back, but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep on Jasmine on the coach at one point, so maybe it was best that we didn't get round to it.

Next day, before heading back to the coach, Jasmine took me round to Sally's Beauty Supplies. I'm sure it's 1000% better in the US than over here, but I did pick up a few goodies. Then back on the coach to London! I remembered my iPod this time so I had a couple of new albums to listen to.

I got a little more shopping done, and had a sneaky cocktail in Covent Gardens at my favourite bar, before catching the train home from King's Cross.

London is always a great deal of fun, but I was absolutely exhausted when I got home!

Maybelline Beauty Bloggers Event

After a couple of exhausting days, I get to dust off the "Beauty Bloggers Event" and "London" tags once again! I've had to miss a few events this summer due to work commitments, so I was thrilled to be able to get down to London to see what Maybelline had to say.

The event was held at L'Oreal HQ in Hammersmith, a part of London I hadn't been to before. Fortunately, I had run into Jen (Mizz Worthy) in Selfridges earlier in the afternoon so we were able to arrange to meet up later and head over to L'Oreal together.

The event was organized by Headstream PR, who have organized a few events now! It was quite busy at the event itself, but I did get to meet the lovely Vex in the City which I was quite excited about as I do love her blog! I saw one or two other faces that I recognized from their blogs so it was nice to say hi to them as well!

So, we had a few presentations dealing with Maybelline as a brand. The first dealt with their promotional ideas for 2010, which looked full of colour (something you'll know I love!). Then we were shown about all their best selling products, including a large number of mascaras. Finally, they went into some detail about their new vibrating mascara and the Color Sensational Lipsticks. The lipsticks caught my eye, mainly due to the unique packaging. I like that they're grouped into colours, it'll make it easier to pick one out. The lids cover the whole tube and are coloured for each group (red, pink, brown and plum).

One thing that was pointed out about the lipsticks was that they try and make the colour of the label as close to the colour of the lipstick as possible. Genious! How many times have you seen a nicely coloured label, only to open the lipstick and go "wtf, ew"? I like having coloured labels! I always have to open my MAC lipsticks as I can never remember what the colour looks like.

We were given two very generous goodie bags! One contained the new products - the mascara and a selection of lipsticks. The other contained a good range of products to try out. We were also offered a foundation to try. We were asked to choose which one we wanted to try and which shade. I thought this was a pretty fantastic way of doing it, the foundations I receive tend to be far too dark for me. I chose "Light Porcelain" from the Dream Satin Liquid range.

Several table were set up along the room where we could look at and test out several of Maybelline's products. I had a good look at the nail polishes and the new lipsticks! One or two colours caught my eye so I'll be investigating those more. I quite fancy trying the lipglosses as well as the few I tested on the table appeared glossy and well pigmented.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay until the end of the event, but I hear everyone had a good chatter!

If I'm entirely honest, Maybelline is a brand that I have previously given very little attention to. I was aware of their mascara range as I've always been happy with those in the past, plus they're all very well priced for the budget! I'm looking forward to trying out my new products and, as always, will give you my honest thoughts on them. I can't say I'll be using everything as one or two items have already ended up in my Youtube contest prize box, mainly items that I can see straight away are not a good colour for my skintone. But, you bet I'll be using those mascaras!

Monday, 7 September 2009

FOTD: 07/09/09

I cannot remember the blog I was reading at the time, but I read a complaint that the British Bloggers don't tend to post many FOTDs. I realised that, of course, they were right. Posting my FOTD was one of the main reasons for setting up this blog and I have been very bad at actually posting any.

-Boots No7 Shine Free Make Up Base
-Lily Lolo Foundation "Candy Cane"
-ELF Studio Under Eye Concealer "Light"
-ELF Studio Complexion Perfection (yellow shade to set under eye concealer)
-Lancome Color Dose "#311"
-My own blend pigment "Blue Moon" (wet over lid)
-The Body Shop Eye Shadow "Baby Pink" (very well blended into crease)
-MAC Eye Shadow "Jete" (highlight)
-Bobbi Brown Gel Liner "Ivy Shimmer Ink"
-Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara "Black/Brown"
-Nars Blusher "Orgasm"
-The Body Shop Liquid Lip Colour "11"

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Beautiful Pigments: ELF "Confident"

I know I have barely done any of these entries for the Beautiful Pigments tag! To be honest, I forgot about it a little. But, I have a pile of pigments sat here waiting to be shown and I think you're going to love them all!

ELF Minerals are a fairly new addition to my mineral collection and I must admit to being hugely impressed! They've got some fantastic colours, all of which are very wearable. I've collected quite a few of them now and I've got plans to write a review and show swatches. At some point!

The eye shadows are £2.50 each and weight 0.85 grams. Sold at EyeLipsFace UK site US Site.

So, here is "Confident":

It is the most beautiful shade of taupe with some silver reflection to it. I'm not normally such a huge taupe fan, but this pigment is surprisingly complex considering it has come from a budget brand.

Admittedly, the pictures on the ELF website are not the best so I might have passed this one over if I hadn't got it in the Basic Browns eye shadow set. The stock photo really does not do this pigment any justice at all! There's far more reflection and complexity to the colour than is shown.

I've used this as a lid shade and a crease shade. It's deep enough to use in the crease with a light look but works as either a dry wash of colour on the lid for a more natural look, or foiled on wet for more drama.

As always, dry on the left and applied wet on the right. Applying wet (foiling) really brings out a delicious metallic sheen! There's plenty of pigmentation with dry application, but it does need a base to stick to.

Well worth checking out, and for £2.50 it's an absolute bargain.

Just a warning, my next Beautiful Pigment is one that was custom made for me!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Video: Rock & Roll Smudged Smokey look

Here's another of my Blogtv series! I'm pretty much going to be working on this series for my next tutorials, alongside reviews and any hauls (if I can find any money!).

So, Scotlass99 requested something smokey, smudgy and rock & roll. I'm not sure about the rock & roll but I wore this out to a metal concert at a local venue so I'm sure it will do. I do adore creating a good smokey look! Fortunately, I got plenty of them requested from Blogtv!

-Boots No7 Shine Free Make up base
-L'Oreal True Match foundation "Rose Ivory"
-MAC Shadestick "Sharkskin"
-MAC Pigment "Deep Purple"
-MAC Pigment "Silver"
-MAC Eye Shadow "Nylon"
-Black pencil liner
-Matte Black Eye Shadow
-Mascara (or false lashes!)
-Boots 17 Blusher "China Pink"
-Urban Decay Lip Gunk "Gash"