Sunday, 28 June 2009

Gosh Giant Sun Powder

OK, I have wanted this for *ages*. I saw it a few months ago in Superdrug, just sitting there quite innocently until I tried the tester. Wow. Seriously. I finally caved and bought it on Saturday.

Anyway, you might want to actually read some real information rather than just me drooling over said gorgeous, yummy, Giant Sun Powder (sorry Jasmine, I caved about bought it anyway).

Here it is, open and closed. One thing you can't really tell from the picture is just how big this is. Well, it is called Giant Sun Powder.

Available from Superdrug. £12.72 for 30g. Yup, you get 30g of product in this monster.

So, it's basically a metallic gold shimmer. It's on the warm side with some definite copper tones. The powder is soft and metallic, also very richly pigmented. You will only need to apply a small amount and blend well. I suggest using a soft angled blusher brush if applying as a cheek highlight, or a large powder brush for elsewhere. I expect I'll be using this as an all over highlight throughout the summer. It'll look fab in the evening when blended over collarbones and shoulders.

Oh yeah, did I mention it's huge:

That's a "standard" (ie MAC, Urban Decay, etc) 26mm pan sat on top as a comparison. I think it's going to take a good couple of years to work through this!

And, here's a heavily applied swatch. And my flash has washed out most of the colour.

I have no idea if it's a limited edition summer product or not. It's sat with the face stuff on the Gosh stands, not with the current collection at the top. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a permanent item though. If you do buy it, just be careful you get one that's sealed. It has a hygiene seal across the front, but most I've found have been opened. Even though there's a tester out. Gross.

Review: Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette

I'm sure you've seen this all over the blogs and YouTube, but I thought it was time I showed you this lovely palette.

It's available from here: 88 Warm Palette and is currently $24.95.

Each pan is around 15mm in diameter, just a little smaller than a 5p piece. There's a good mix of shimmers and mattes in here with a few shades having quite a metallic finish or a duo chrome. I wouldn't say all these shades were warm though. There are definitely cool toned shades in here. I'd say it was more of a neutral palette than a strictly warm one. On the whole, the warm shades do outnumber the cool toned ones. Shades range from deep browns to pale cream highlights.

The texture of the pans reminds me somewhat of the 120 palette eye shadows. However, the 88 pan eye shadows don't seem to be quite as crumbly as the 120 palette eye shadows. I don't own any of the other 88 palettes so I can't compare the textures of those. As usual, the matte shadows aren't as crumbly as the shimmers. The metallic shades are very smooth and show up with fantastic pigmentation.

These are just random swatches just to show the range of finishes. The mattes are quite pigmented and only end up being chalky if you add a large amount. I've used the deep brown shades as crease colours and they blend out wonderfully. A light application of those is all that's needed and there is no chalkiness in that case.

I've done a couple of eyes just to show you the range of looks you can create. Everything from soft, subtle for every day to smokey and dramatic.

I didn't find too much creasing with a base, but we're currently going through a hot and humid summer and I'm getting some fading and creasing with anything I put on my eyes right now!

This palette is a definite winner, and I'm finding I reach for it much more than I was expecting.

Do you have any of the 88 palettes from Coastal Scents? How are you liking them?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Haul: Lincoln June 09

I've been on a little mini-hiatus for the last week or so, but I'm back now!! I thought you'd like to start by seeing what I ended up buying myself for my birthday. I received some Boots giftcards for my birthday on 11th, so I treated myself. I also found one or two things from other places to buy.

-Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Glitter Eyeliner "Dancing Queen"
-Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Glitter Eyeliner "Shake It Up"
-Christian Dior All Over Face Powder "Rose Diamond"
-The Body Shop Eye Shadow "Chocolate"
-The Body Shop Liquid Lip Colour "Dusky Lavender"
-NYC Quick Dry Polish "West Village"
-Gosh Nail Lacquer "Golden Brown"

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Video: Coastal Scents Purple & Blues

I know this went up a while ago, but I was sorting through my blog photo file and found these pictures were unedited and therefore unposted! I'm sure a lot of you have seen the video by now, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I know it's not exactly a wearable look, but I had a lot of fun doing this one!

-YSL Radiant Brush foundation
-Coastal Scents 42 Colour duo stack Shimmer palette
-Coastal Scents Gel Liner "True Black"

Barry M Nail Paint contest winner!

As today is my birthday, I picked the winner of the Barry M contest!

I had 63 comments so I asked my Mum to pick a number between 1 and 63.

My winner is : Soge at makemebeautiful. Congratulations!

Monday, 8 June 2009

FOTD: 08/06/09

I'm well aware that I haven't posted a FOTD since the end of April! I had planned on doing at least a couple each week. In the mornings I'm usually rushing too much to try and take a decent photo of myself so everything usually gets deleted. Today's photos aren't great, but I'm posting you a FOTD anyway. It's just a simple look, I'm nearly at the end of a mineral pigment so I've been using it pretty much every day. It should be done by the end of the week. It's only a sample, but it still counts!

Before getting onto the FOTD, I've just got a few updates for you!

I ordered from Fyrinnae last night. Just $21 worth of samples (pigments and inks). That will probably turn up some time towards the end of July. Fyrinnae have always been upfront about their processing times so it's not too much of a big deal.

I've got some new storage for my stash! I'm still in the process of getting it all set up, but it gives me a lot more room than the bookcase I was using. Plus I can put books on my nookcase now instead of the floor. I'll show you it once it's set up.

Finally, last night's usual video session didn't get done. As you'll see from the photo today, I've got a very attractive paper cut right on my top lip. It was swollen yesterday and looked rediculous! It's gone right down today so I'll have a go at getting at least one video done tonight.

I used:
-Lily Lolo foundation "Candy Cane"
-Body Shop Lightening Touch "#3"
-Lancome Colour Dose "101"
-Stargazer Eye Dust "17" wet on inner half of lid
-About Face pigment "That's so Camp" wet on outer half of lid
-MAC Eye shadow "Jete" as highlight
-Gosh Velvet touch liner "Black Ink" top liner
-MAC Eye kohl "Hyacinth" lower liner
-Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
-Milani Blusher "Luminous"
-Urban Decay Lipgloss "Naked"

The Stargazer Eye Dusts are a prime example of the "great product, stupid packaging" problem. There's no seal around where the pot meets the lid so whenever you open the jar, you end up covered in dust. It gets in all the threads and spills all over everything. Shame really as the product is pretty fantastic.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Review: Go Cosmetics Baked Bronzer #2

It's till very, very weird for me to watch haul videos from people I subscribe to on Youtube and see them holding up a product they've bought after watching my video review. This baked bronzer is one of those products which proved very popular after I did a video review some time back. In my video, I compared it to MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish so I won't repeat that. Instead I will add the video to the end of this entry.

There are currently two shades of this baked bronzer available from Iona Cosmetics for £5.99. Shade #1 is more bronze, while shade #2 is more pink toned. Each bronzer weighs 13.5g.

As you'll see from the second photo, this bronzer is quite powdery. I always end up with plenty of powder around the edges of the bronzer after I've applied it! The marbling is quite subtle and very pretty. You do only get one swirled colour though, I know with the MAC MSFs it's possible to focus your brush in different areas and get more than one tone. But, that really isn't something that's important to me.

It's really, really pigmented so you need to be careful with the application! This is even more pigmented than the MAC ones. There is some sparkle, but it's not over the top. This swatch isn't even a very heavy application! I prefer to use my MAC #188 brush to apply this to my cheekbones to give a glow and highlight. It gives a lovely shimmer and glow with a light application, rather than being an obvious bronzer. I think this is too shimmery to use as an all over bronzer.

Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

Like a large proportion of the female population of the UK, I now own a mini size of Benefit's Bad Gal Mascara which came on the front of this month's Glamour Magazine. A regular sized Bad Gal will set you back £14.50, this mini is values at £9.50 and Glamour costs £2.00! It's not a magazine I normally buy but with those numbers, I couldn't resist!

Bad Gal is one of those mascaras I want to get round to trying, but the price tag had put me off. Don't foget, in the UK we can't return cosmetic products so it would be a waste of £14.50 if I didn't like the mascara. So, buying this magazine was a great way of trying it out!

It comes with the huge brush that Bad Gal is known for. The tube contains 4.0g of mascara so it's going to last a little while. The full size Bad Gal comes in a few other colours (plum and navy, I believe, as well as black), but this mini is only available in black.

As usual, I just put on as much as I would for a normal "daytime" application. Just look at the mess! I actually got mascara on my browbone! It makes my lashes huge! My lashes are thicker and longer, plus it looks like I've got more of them. But it seems quite wet, and stays that way for a few minutes. To wear this I'm going to have to not blink for a couple of minutes after application. I found the large brush quite cumbersome as well. It was difficult applying to the smaller lashes at each edge. The middle lashes got an even coat, so they look much thicker than the outer hairs. Also, I curled my lashes before applying mascara. Not that you can tell. I don't usually have an issue with the curl coming out of my lashes after applying mascara but the curl is gone!
It's not waterproof, and I did notice a little smearing under my lower lashline by the end of the day. Again, this is not usually an issue for me. It removes easily with my usual make up remover.

I'm glad I got this mini before buying a full sized tube. I'll use this tube up, but I'm not impressed enough to spend the £14.50 on a full sized tube.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I want this, please help!!!

I've seen a couple of posts on this now. I really, really must have this nail polish in my life.

Sephora by OPI - "212-Sephora"

Click to see its awsomeness

If there's anyone in America willing to order this for me and ship it to the UK, I will love you forever.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Bee Luscious Luxe Creme Liner "Metallic Jade"

I love gel liners, especially green gel liners. So I was thrilled when this little jar of gorgeousness arrived a couple of weeks ago.

It's availble from Bee Royal for $16.75.

It comes in a frosted glass jar, a bit smaller than the MAC Fluidline jars (scroll down for a group photo) with a plastic lid. There's the usual seal on the inside of the lid to create an air tight seal. The liner itself is a beautiful metallic blue-green. I would say this approaches teal, rather than Jade. There's a metallic finish to the liner which adds a lovely shimmer and depth to the colour.

Usually I'd take a photo of the liner before using it! I like to show products untouched so there is no distraction from testure change after use. However, I just could wait to try this liner! It's quite soft, not as soft as the Bobbi Brown ones, and certainly not as soft as Coastal Scents. But it is softer than the MAC Fluidlines. It goes on very smoothly with an angle liner brush (the MAC #266 as an example), but takes a couple of layers to bring out the best colour. This tends to be a general issue with shimmer finished gel liners (MAC is the worst for it!), I expect the matte shades from Bee Royal will be perfectly opaque in one coat.

It takes around 2 minutes to set for me, so there's plenty of time to smudge if you like. I didn't notice any fading after a day at work either. My favourite way to wear this is to keep the lid fairly neutral and make a focus of the liner.

I thought I'd compare to two other green gel liners in my collection: the MAC Fluidline in "Shade" and Bobbi Brown "Ivy Shimmer" gel liner. The "Metallic Jade" liner, as you will be able to see, is in a different green colour family to the other two, but I thought the comparison would be nice.

The other two are not quite so blue-based.

For the swatches, I applied one layer of each liner with the MAC #266 brush. I forgot to label that picture, so here's the swatching order:

-MAC Fluidline "Shade"
-Bobbi Brown "Ivy Shimmer Ink"
-Bee Luscious Liner "Metallic Jade"

So, overall, it's an interesting addition to my liner collection. I had initially been worried that it would be too similar to the Bobbi Brown liner, but it's very definitely a different colour.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Body Shop Discount!!

My most sincere apologies! Those of you who have seen me moaning about being 2 weeks behind will know just how many entries I have to wade through over the next couple of days.

But, I just couldn't resist sharing this info with you! As you know, I attended a wonderful event held by the Body Shop back in April. I have received an email giving you some discount codes to receive 20% off a few selected products.

Before I get onto it, here's the details. Only one code can be used per transaction online, although the 20% discount will apply to all the selected products. I believe it is UK site only as I haven't received any information about the US Body Shop website.

Codes expire 18th September 2009! That's ages away!

Onto the codes!

BLOG_SHIM 20% off Shimmercubes!

BLOG_CAM 20% off Camomile Waterproof eye makeup remover!

BLOG_SCRUB 20% off Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish!

BLOG_MIST 20% off Vitamin E Face Mist!

My favourite is the Vitamin E Face mist! You can also read my review on the Face Mist on the Body Shop website.

If you take advantage of any of these offers then let me know! I'd love for you to tell me what you bought and what you think of it.

Before I go, just have a quick look at Rouge Deluxe's quick preview of the Fall '09 collection! How gorgeous does that look?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

London Haul - May 2009

I thought it was about time to show you my London haul. I hadn't got anything planned to buy this time, as when I went in April I had bought most of my wishlist. I hadn't expected to go back down to London within 6 months/1 year so I wasn't expecting to have any access to some of these brands. That's not to say that I didn't find something to spend my money on though!

Let's start with the MAC!

There are a couple of items from a CCO in Oxford that Jasmine had been kind enough to pick up for me.

-Lipstick "A Rose Romance"
-Pigment "Circa Plum"
-Mineralize Blush Duo "Moon River"
-Dazzleglass "Rags to Riches"
-Eye Shadow Quad "Pandemonium Eyes" from CCO
-Pigment "Cocomotion" from CCO

Of course, I couldn't resist stocking up on Sleek. It's fast becoming a favourite brand of mine. I've got a few Sleek focused entries planned, so keep a look out!

-Eye Shadow Palette "Jewels"
-Eye Shadow Palette "Storm"
-Eye Dust "Glory"
-Eye Dust "So Sleek"
-Sheer Cover Lipstick "Satin"
-High Shine Lipgloss "Champagne"
-Eye Drama Mascara

And now for everything else!

-Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc "Gilded Garden Mosaic"
-Boots 17 Blusher "Bramble Frost"
-Prescriptives Custom Lipgloss
-Gosh Eye Shadow Base
-Bobbi Brown Gel Liner "Sapphire Shimmer"
-Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow "Skinny Jeans"
-Urban Decay Liquid Liner "Minx"
-Urban Decay Liquid Liner "Ecstasy"

I bought a couple of long held wishlist items. I've wanted to try Laura Mercier for quite a while, but had always walked away from the counter. Hearing the price of the Shimmer Bloc reminded me why I hadn't tried any yet! I'm not really likely to buy more than the odd one or two items. Also, I'd wanted the two Sleek palettes for a while, so I'm thrilled with those.

No wonder my feet hurt for two days!

As always, if there's anything in particular you wish to see more photos or a review of then just leave me a comment.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Barry M Goodie Bag

I've had a few "politely worded requests" (ahem) to show my Barry M goodies that I received at the VIP event they held in London on 20th. If you want to read my round-up of the event, then click here. I will be posting my main haul within the next few days. Maybe, one day, I'll get a haul up on my blog in a decent amount of time, not nearly 2 weeks after the event!

As I mentioned in the video about the event, I gave my large bag away. It was just too big for carrying around London with a full backpack and a large handbag. I do wish it had been a little more portable for me, it was quite a cute bag! I managed to fit nearly everything (apart from the t-shirt and handbag mirror) into the make up bag that was included in the goodie bag.

Some of the items will be included in the 10000 subscriber competition that I will be having when I reach that number! One or two other items just won't work for me so I'll be passing those on to other people.

-Nail Paint #300 "Acid Yellow"
-Nail Paint #301 "Block Orange"
-Nail Paint #302 "Fuchsia"
-Nail Paint #303 "Bright Purple"
-Nail Paint #304 "Mint Green"
-Lip Paint #144 "Cerise Pink"
-Lip Paint #146 "Dolly Pink"
-Lip Paint #147 "Peachy Pink"
-Dazzle Dust #96 "Gold"
-Dazzle Dust #97 "Dark Chocolate"
-Dazzle Dust #98 "Petrol Black"
-Dazzle Dust Limited Edition "VIP"
-Fine Glitter Dust #22 "Black Gold"
-Fine Glitter Dust #24 "Toffee"
-Natural Dazzle Compact
-Intense Black 3-in-1 Mascara
-Lengthening Mascara "Emerald Green"
-Glitter Liquid Eyeliner #07 "Gold"
-Kohl Pencil #01 "Black"
-Intense Eyeliner Pen #05 "Kingfisher Blue"
-Liquid Eyeliner #07 "Turquoise"

Barry M were very generous!! I haven't really played with much yet as I haven't been wearing much in the way of make up. My skin hasn't been enjoying the sudden weather change.

The limited edition Dazzle Dust is just gorgeous! There were 2 shades made for the VIP event and they'll never be sold in the shops. The other shade was a lilac, I received the light aqua. Very sparkly and pretty.

Contest!! Win Barry M Nail Paint "Mint Green"

As I have ended up with 3 of this gorgeous nail polish, I thought I would have a fun little contest to give one of the extras away.

Today, I painted my nails with MAC's "Peppermint Patti" nail polish. Only I forgot to do one nail! I used Barry M "Mint Green" to paint that one. But which nail?

All you have to do is leave a comment with which nail number you think is painted with the Barry M!

Also, I need contact details to pick the winner, so make sure you have an email address on display on your profile (or leave it in the comment if you're happy doing that - suggestion, put a space in your email to break it up, spam bots won't see it then!).

Contest will close when I switch on my computer before work on June 11th (my birthday!!!). I will ship worldwide, apart from countries refused by the Royal Mail.

Good luck!!