Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Body Shop Beauty Bloggers Event

So on Thursday I attended the first Beauty Bloggers event held by the Body Shop, down in London. And I must say, I've never experienced anything like it!

I've never met such an enthusiastic, friendly and excited group of people. And that's the people we met from the Body Shop, never mind the gorgeous and lovely fellow bloggers I also met!

I got there a little bit too early and they were still clearing away from the first morning session and grabbing some lunch. I offered to come back later but they sat me straight down with a drink and within 30 seconds we were all chatting away about Youtube, Blogging and makeup.

It was lovely to meet all the other beauty bloggers/youtubers who came to the event. Fantastic to meet so many like minded people! And a little odd as well. These were people I see online every day but actually meeting them was fantastic! We all chatted away about what we were getting up to in every day life as well as online.

The first part of the event was a little talk about the history of the Body Shop, and a little about new directions they were heading in. Very interesting! They've got an HIV awareness programme on the go recently which I will blog about in more detail in its own post.

Then we got skincare consultations to match us to a range of skincare. I got matched to the Seaweed range due to my normal/combination skin.

We all got make overs from the wonderfully talented Chase Aston. I asked for a foundation consultation rather than a full make over as foundation is where I had the most issues. He matched me to one of the Body Shop's foundations and it looked perfect! There will be photos to follow and the whole make over event was filmed by a crew! We'll all be getting copies of our make over.

After the make overs we visited one of the shops and had a quick look round.

The Body Shop were extremely generous with the goody bags! We were all shocked at the size and weight of the bags. I'm still going through what they gave us! Carting it around London for the next day and a half was somewhat painful though!

Overall, I was very impressed with the event. I think The Body Shop hit the perfect formula for the event and it was wonderful for such a large, multi-national company to see Youtube and Blogs as something very important in the make up and beauty world.

As far as I'm aware this event wasn't a one-off! So hopefully this will become a regular event for the beauty blogging world.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Was this event something you got invited to or was it a kind of open house?

  2. @lynettepleasant it was an invite event.

  3. Hi again!Just wanted to say I agree that meeting all the other bloggers was probably one of the best bits of the day! MAC pro was such fun! Hofefully we will all be able to meet again xxx

  4. @mizzworthy, I hope so too!!


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